10 October 2023

Japanese Vases for Autumn

Autumn in Japan captivates the senses, presenting a bouquet of natural wonders, from the gentle descent of leaves to the emergence of seasonally unique blooms. This fall, decorate your living spaces by harmonizing these gifts from nature with the artistry of handcrafted Japanese vases.

Enjoy these exquisite arrangements that will deliver scenes of a bountiful and beautiful season right into the heart of your home.


  • Two Cranes and Landscape Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
  • Seigado Red Copper Single-Flower Vase
  • Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Vase With Handle
  • ALART Aluminum MUSUBI Single Flower Vase
  • Gingado Red Reverse Mt. Fuji Takaoka Copperware Ikebana Flower Vase
  • Yamaboushi Suruga Bamboo Basketry Japanese Flower Vase
  • Slim Square Yamanaka Lacquerware Single-Flower Vase

Two Cranes and Landscape Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
  -Symbols of Autumn with Golden Dawn Serenity-

Patrinia flowers, "Omineashi" in Japanese, capture autumn's beauty with their delicate flowers in golden yellow. Recognized as one of the "Seven Flowers of Autumn," its light, graceful blooms, celebrated in countless poems and verses, have been cherished since ancient times for their elegance.

This stunning Kutani vase, with its rounded design, is ideal for this rich floral bouquet. Blooming lilies and tall, striking stems of Red Thunder, a stylish perennial, balance perfectly with the vivid and meticulous design of the vase. 

Cranes glide gracefully amongst the landscape in mesmerizing blue-green tones and the subtle gold-color of morning mist's evoke a calm serenity.

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Seigado Red Copper Single-Flower Vase
-The Fiery Embrace of Fall-

This metallic vase from Seigado captivates not only with its bold red hue but also with its meticulously crafted straight lines. Nestled within, the brilliant yellow blossoms of the Pompon mums stand tall and proud, their firm, upright stems harmoniously anchored in the elongated base. Furthermore, branches adorned with delicate, needle-like leaves weave through, infusing a sense of airy lightness to the entire arrangement. 

With its tall design, the Seigado Red Copper Vase naturally accentuates vertical spaces, making it an ideal choice for placement on a small table beneath a lofty ceiling or as a striking centerpiece in a spacious hallway.

The Seigado Red Copper Vase is sculpted seamlessly from sheets of copper, hammered meticulously into its distinguished form. Each vase, when exposed to high temperatures and rapidly cooled, adopts a fiery red hue. This color, reminiscent of vibrant scenes of autumn, varies from piece to piece—sometimes a deep crimson, at other times a brighter shade, some even with hints of gold.

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Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Vase With Handle
-Earthen Grace and Autumn Whispers-

This Bizen ware piece is especially enchanting when adorned with nature's treasures. The radiant yellow chrysanthemums and vivid Red Thunders nestle perfectly within, complemented by a whimsical sprig of wildflower. The earthy tones of the stoneware amplify the brilliance of the autumn-hued blooms

The gentle tilt of the florals imparts a laid-back ambiance to the arrangement. Beyond gracefully cradling seasonal flowers, the vase's rich and multifaceted earthy hues render it a standout decorative item—melding seamlessly into a nature-inspired room or even complementing a modern aesthetic.

This Bizen ware vase offers a tangible connection to the earth. A sprinkling of charcoal graces parts of its surface before the kiln's flames are extinguished,  casting a gentle bluish hue over the vase's earthy tones. This technique ensures that every angle of the vase reveals a unique shade, allowing you to find the perfect match for the flowers you arrange.

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ALART Aluminum MUSUBI Single Flower Vase
-The "MUSUBI" and Cosmos Duo-

The "MUSUBI" vase, inspired by the Japanese term meaning "connection" or "bond," elegantly merges form with meaning, epitomizing unity. Artisanally crafted from aluminum, this piece gracefully envelops a slender glass tube that showcases the fragile cosmos flowers, all embraced in a rich mahogany shade.

This piece strikes a harmonious equilibrium between the presence of metal with the transient delicacy of blossoms. Beyond cosmos, seasonal cornflowers or balloon flowers would also beautifully complement this delicate vase.

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Gingado Red Reverse Mt. Fuji Takaoka Copperware Ikebana Flower Vase
-Ikebana Echoes: Reflections of Mt. Fuji in Autumn-

Drawing inspiration from Japan's esteemed landscape, this Ikebana vase embodies the splendor of "Aka-Fuji," Mt. Fuji bathed in the radiant red sunlight of an early autumn morning.

With its rich hue mirroring the season's essence, one can see the reflection of Aka-Fuji on the water within the vase, forging a deep connection to the cherished moments of the season.

Adorning this masterful vessel are precious purple waxflowers. Their pine-like foliage and curled petite petals harmonize perfectly with the vase's matte red stonewall texture. Enhancing the arrangement, the vibrant globe-like yellow chrysanthemums gracefully unfurl their petals. This vase's colors and design weave a narrative of Mt. Fuji's timeless aesthetic, merged with autumn's beauty.

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Yamaboushi Suruga Bamboo Basketry Japanese Flower Vase
-Bamboo Elegance: A Rustic Autumn Dream-

This bouquet, steeped in rich tones, captures the solemn beauty of autumn. Its colors and textures harmonize seamlessly with the detailed Suruga Bamboo Basketry. 

The warm allure of Pompon mums, the enigmatic beauty of black ground cherries (Hozuki), and the muted hues of Thunberg spirea leaves blend to form a rustic autumn composition. With its unique shape and spectrum of browns, this vase gracefully accentuates flowers and plants that sprawl horizontally.

Suruga Bamboo Basketry is made by meticulously assembling thin, round bamboo strips. Each piece of this artwork is skillfully crafted by a single artisan, ensuring the utmost precision and attention to detail in every creation.

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Slim Square Yamanaka Lacquerware Single-Flower Vase
-Gentle Gentians with Glossy Black Lacquer-

The Slim Square Yamanaka Lacquerware Single-Flower Vase embodies a delicate confluence of tradition and modernity. The sleek black shine of Yamanaka lacquerware allows the colors of the gentian flowers to pop while reflecting a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Coupled with the vase, the autumn gentian, slender and regal, brings a hint of autumn's quiet beauty. A stem of pampas grass with its feathery plumes, whispers of fall meadows and adds a contrasting feel that beautifully offsets the gentian's elegance. Together, this arrangement displays a graceful tribute to the season, where traditional lacquerware meets the understated beauty of traditional autumn florals.

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We hope you've enjoyed browsing through our collection of fine Japanese vases, each thoughtfully coupled with vibrant blooms and foliage. Every combination reflects a different aspect of fall's intricate tapestry in Japan.

From the gracefulness of Kutani ware to the delicacy of finely-woven bamboo basketry, your choices for seasonal decor are as multifaceted as autumn itself. Invite a Japanese vase into your living space and craft a charming autumnal nook all your own.

For further tips on how to beautifully arrange flowers in Japanese vases, please read the first part of our three-part blog, A Step-by-Step Guide for Ikebana Beginners.

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