22 July 2022

Japanese Vases for Summer

Why not bring in some flowers and greenery to freshen up in the summer heat? We recommend using white and green to bring in a sense of coolness, or cooler colors such as blue, green, and purple, or conversely, yellow and red to create a joyful mood that will not be overpowered by the summer sun.

Vases are also recommended to match the summer flowers, with cooler designs or chic designs that enhance the vividness of the flowers.

Vases made by traditional Japanese craftsmanship have a variety of characteristics. In this article, we have selected and combined summer flowers that suit each of them.

Japanese Vases for Summer

  • Suruga Bamboo Basketry × Hydrangea
  • Kutani Ware × Lily
  • Shigaraki Ware × Iris
  • Yamanaka Lacquerware × Sunflower

Suruga Bamboo Basketry × Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are easy to arrange because of their bouquet-like form, with small flowers tightly bunched together. The Suruga Bamboo Basketry vase is a perfect match for the hydrangea, with its droplet shape reminiscent of raindrops. The calm dark brown color and the lightness of the bamboo craft make it a perfect addition to chic summer floral arrangements. Choose a vase that is about the same size as the volume of the flowers to create a stable image.

Hydrangeas tend to become limp. To make it easier to absorb water, cut the stems at an angle and keep them short if possible. They will last longer if kept in a well-ventilated condition.

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Kutani Ware × Lily

In Japan, lilies are summer flowers, blooming from May to August. That is why they last long even during the hot summer season. The large, majestic blooms and the graceful atmosphere of the lily have made it a favorite flower in Japan since ancient times. It still attracts many people as a symbol of purity.

The lily is a lovely, neat flower with large blossoms. To match the atmosphere, I chose a Kutani Ware vase in a fresh shade of blue with elegant cranes painted on it. When decorating, cut the flowers so that the height of the vase and the flowers are balanced 1:1.

Lilies are precious flowers that last several days longer than other flowers. Furthermore, it is also fun to display them from the buds and look forward to them opening.

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Shigaraki Ware × Iris

Irises are displayed on the Japanese festival of May 5, known as Children's Day. To take advantage of the straight lines of their leaves and stems, they are displayed in a long vase of Shigaraki Ware. When decorating, it is best to differentiate the length of the flowers and leaves for a more natural look. The soft flowers and glossy leaves and the vase with its rustic earthy atmosphere complement each other.

An iris may have two blooms in sequence from a single stem. Also, the leaves are still beautiful even after the flowers have finished blooming, so another flower can be set in the same vase to enjoy longer.

The iris' shapely, slender leaves have an uplifting, elegant appearance and harmonize no matter what color you choose to combine them with. If you choose blue or white colors, you can create a cool and refreshing atmosphere for summer.

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Yamanaka Lacquerware × Sunflower

Sunflowers are the representative flower of summer. Just one vitamin-colored sunflower makes a room look much brighter and more cheerful.Because sunflowers are large, it is difficult to arrange them in the desired direction.

This time, I displayed them in a slim vase made by Yamanaka Lacquerware. The narrower mouth makes it easier for the sunflowers to stop in the direction you want them to face. By keeping the number of flowers small, the calm atmosphere is created and goes well with the burgundy-colored lacquerware vase.

It is important to note that sunflowers are flowers that easily contaminate the water in the vase. It is best to use less water to fill the vase and reduce the amount of water that the stems are soaked in. Depending on the size of the vase, it is recommended to fill the vase with about 3 cm(1.2in) of water from the bottom.

Also, leave only the necessary leaves on the stem and completely remove the leaves from the part of the stem that will be soaked in water. Changing the water once a day and always keeping the water clean will keep your sunflowers healthy and enjoyable for a long time.

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Let's Enjoy Summery Flower Arrangement! 

Japanese summers are known for being hot and humid, but many household items and interior decorations incorporate materials and colors that help to create a cooler atmosphere. Why not make your room brighter and cooler with the vases introduced here that go well with summer flowers? Materials such as light bamboo work or porcelain, and cool colors will surely become your new favorite vases.

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