22 December 2023

The Year-End Party at Musubi Kiln

Although the early days of winter are quite mild, the chill deepens as late December approaches. In Japan, the close of the year is a time for gatherings – Christmas parties and year-end celebrations with loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues. At MUSUBI's office, we took advantage of lunchtime to host our own year-end party, turning our communal table into a vibrant and delicious feast, a delightful interlude in our busy days.

Our theme was "Memories of the Year," and we brought those memories to life through our menu.
Here's a glimpse of what we served:

Rose-shaped smoked salmon with pressed sushi
Japanese-style finger food (bubuarare balls)
Glazed shrimp with gold leaf
An assortment of sashimi
Pickled dishes
Gold leaf-topped strawberries
White bean paste dango dumplings

According to Mizutani-san, our tabletop designer responsible for preparing the meal and setting the table, "We aimed to recreate everyone's memories through each dish. By adding gold leaves, we not only brought a touch of elegance but also ensured the presentation retained the bright, cheerful atmosphere characteristic of MUSUBI." 

Gold leaf, often thought inedible, was a novel ingredient for some of our staff members. Contrary to belief, it's safe to consume and commonly used in Japanese cuisine and sake. Symbolzing celebration, this unique ingredient was handpicked as a souvenir by Shirata-san during her business trip to Kanazawa, famous for its gold leaf production. The subtle glimmer of gold leaf added a festive flair and sophistication to our table.

The eye-catching dish on our menu was the "Rose-shaped Smoked Salmon and Pressed Sushi."

This dish drew inspiration from a cherished memory of Tominaga-san, who couldn't forget the beautifully crafted sushi with sashimi shaped like roses, enjoyed during a meal with a friend. It was this memory that made the inclusion of this menu particularly special.  

When fresh fish is hard to come by, or if some guests prefer not eating it, using smoked salmon is an excellent alternative. Pressed sushi, known for its simplicity in preparation, is a delightful option to try out. This adaptation not only caters to diverse preferences but also adds a creative twist to traditional sushi.

A unique finger food was the bubuarare balls, coated with small, crunchy rice crackers. Bubuarare is a versatile ingredient in Japanese cuisine and can be found in Kyoto – perfect as a souvenir.

The "Christmas-themed grilled scallops" were charming, with chervil and pink peppercorns arranged resembling holly, and were flavored with the gentle saltiness of rock salt flakes.

Following the delightful meal, we indulged in desserts like large, gold leaf-topped strawberries and pink-white bean paste dango dumplings – offering a hint of spring and perfectly matching with green tea.

Our year-end party was a heartfelt celebration, filled with the memories and stories shared by our staff. What's your most cherished memory of this year? As you gather around the table with your loved ones, why not take a moment to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to what the next year may bring?

Wishing you a joyous and fulfilling holiday season!

Recommended Items Used at this Party 


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Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box Set M


Seiju Kiln Golden Hanazume Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup Set


Hataman Touen Moist Sakura Imari Nabeshima Ware Side Plate


Fukunishi Sobe Plum-Shaped Aizu Lacquerware Tray