7 June 2022

What is that tableware often used in Japanese dining?

Allow us to guide you through the small but essential tableware pieces that are key to the Japanese dining experience. We're talking about seemingly simple items like soy sauce dispensers and toothpick holders you'd commonly see in restaurants. But there's more: imagine personal-sized mortar bowls known as "Suribachi," or individual spice containers, neatly presented on a small tray.

These thoughtfully designed items do more than just serve food; they make your meal more enjoyable and convenient, letting you fine-tune your flavors. Welcome to the world of Japanese tableware, where even the smallest items are carefully crafted to enhance your dining experience.


  • Soy Sauce Dispenser
  • Sauce Dish / Bottle
  • Shichimi(Nanami) Togarashi Dispenser
  • Condiment Container
  • Toothpick Holder
  • Small Mortar and Pestle
  • Ladle Rest
  • More comfort in the kitchen and at the dining table

Soy Sauce Dispenser 

Soy sauce dispensers are an indispensable item in Japanese households. A large bottle of soy sauce on the table is out of the way and not attractive, so it is quite common to be refilled with a small dispenser and placed on the table.

It is always on the table to pour over eggs for breakfast, also useful for eating sashimi, and for soy sauce lovers to bring the taste of food to their liking. As an alternative to salt, it is common to use soy sauce, which is rich in flavor and aroma. 

Since they are to be placed in a visible position in the kitchen or on a tabletop, there are many stylish, cute, and unique designs to entertain your eyes.

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Sauce Bottle / Container

In Japan, containers for sauces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the sauce to be added. 

Sauce bottles that have a large capacity and are easy to pour, such as those shaped like a Tokkuri carafe, are good for pouring liquid sauces such as Mentsuyu (Japanese noodle soup). 

Shallow shaped containers shaped like Kobachi small bowls with a single spout, are suitable for pouring Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce for Tonkatsu and Okonomiyaki, dressing, and other high viscosity sauces.

Both sauce bottles and containers are attractive tools that are not only convenient but also inspire culinary ideas.

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Shichimi(Nanami) Togarashi Dispenser

Shichimi(Nanami) Togarashi is a standard Japanese spice mix, a blend of seven spices, mainly chili peppers.  

It is the perfect spice to accentuate your meal, adding a hot and crisp aroma to your liking. And It is such a popular spice that those who love it will sprinkle it on any dish, and sometimes the blends vary seasonally, making it a versatile choice.

While the packaging as bought is charming, it is also good for the environment as you can buy refills if you have a special Shichimi(Nanami) Togarashi dispenser. As befits a traditional seasoning, many of them are designed in a quaint Japanese style, and are recommended as accents when you want to add a Japanese touch to your dining table. 

In addition to Shichimi (Nanami) Togarashi, it is suitable for fine powdered spices such as Ichimi Togarashi (cayenne pepper powder) and Sansho (Japanese pepper).

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Condiment Container

Do you have a particular flavor preference in your meals? In addition to sauces, soy sauce, and Shichimi (Nanami) Togarashi, having spices such as ground garlic, sesame seeds, and chives within easy reach of the dining table is a convenient way to make meals to your liking without having to go back and forth to the kitchen.

Other large containers can hold chopped green onions and pickles, and smaller containers can hold Wasabi, horseradish, ginger, mustard, and all your favorite spices. Add your desired seasonings to make your daily meals and parties more comfortable.

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Toothpick Holder

Toothpicks are a convenient after-dinner item, but they can also be used for picking olives at a party, to add to a boxed lunch, for cooking, and in many other ways.

A nice looking toothpick holder will make tabletop look tidy and clutter-free. It is convenient to have it at the dining table, and if it is in the washroom, guests will be able to use toothpicks comfortably.

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Small Mortar and Pestle

In Japan, a mortar is called a "suribachi," and its many grooves allow for efficient grinding of ingredients.

Large ones are useful for mashing potatoes or grinding large quantities of spices at a time, but a small mortar and pestle will give you the freshest spices easily available, and it's also storage-friendly.

Sansho (Japanese pepper) used in Japanese and Chinese cuisine is often sold in the form of grains, so a small mortar and pestle is useful to grind them. Also freshly ground sesame seeds are very flavorful and can be used to accentuate the flavor of a dish.

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Ladle Rest

One of the most annoying things while cooking is where to put the cooking utensils used, such as ladle. With ladle rests, such concerns are no longer necessary. You will be able to proceed with your cooking in a good mood without staining your kitchen or damaging your ladle.

Or, when eating hot pots on the tabletop, a ladle rest will save space and make for a more cozy dining experience. It is also a must-have item for cooking enthusiasts, as it can hold not only ladles but also other cooking utensils such as a serving spatula.

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More comfort in the kitchen and at the dining table

Meals are a very important factor in the quality of our daily lives. Satisfying yourself at every meal can also lead to spiritual fulfillment.

The items introduced here are like allies in making every meal more personalized and cooking time more comfortable.

In addition to being useful, the presence of Japanese small tableware on the dining table can help achieve a restaurant-like atmosphere. Family members and guests will feel as if they are welcomed by the prepared small items and will have a relaxing time.

We hope you would personalize your dining table by combining your favorite items.

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