29 June 2022

5 Perfect Thank-You Gifts Under $50 

When you are thanking a friend, colleague, neighbor, or other person who you are close to or who has been a great help to you on a regular basis, why not send them a little something in addition to the words you express in a card? The key to making the recipient happy is to choose something that will make their everyday life something little brighter. It is even better if it is not too expensive, but has a special touch that seems a bit out of the ordinary in a good way, something you would not have chosen for yourself.

In this article, we would like to introduce products under $50 that are perfect for "Thank-you" gifts. All of them are small in size that take up little space, and are full of charm that are unique to Japanese tableware. Tableware that adds color to mealtimes, an essential part of daily life, would make a great gift to show your appreciation for the people you care about.


  • Hiracle Sakura Kutani Sauce Plate Set
  • Soukyu Kiln Kinsai / Ginsai Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup
  • Yatsuyanagi Sakura Pail Akita Cherry Bark Work Single-Flower Vase
  • Golden Sakura Yamanaka Lacquerware Set of Two Pairs of Chopsticks 23cm/9in
  • Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug

Hiracle Sakura Kutani Sauce Plate Set

Recommended for those who love Japanese food is a set of soy sauce dishes and chopstick rests together. When poured, the soy sauce spreads out in the shape of cherry blossoms, which is a wonderful trick and makes us happy every time we use it.

The plate is suitable not only for soy sauce, but also for small side dishes and snacks such as cheese and nuts.

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Soukyu Kiln Kinsai / Ginsai Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup

For those who love to drink, we recommend the gorgeous Kutani Ware sake cups. The gold and silver shine creates a sense of quality that is perfect for sake time.

The small size of this sake cup does not take up much space, and it is also appreciated by those who already have their own sake cups, as many number of ochoko sake cups can be a pleasure to choose when drinking.

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Yatsuyanagi Sakura Pail Akita Cherry Bark Work Single-Flower Vase

A great gift for interior design lovers is this chic brown colored vase for a single flower, full of the natural charm of kabazaiku (wild cherry bark work). The bark of the cherry tree creates a unique sheen and pattern that makes it an eye-catching item.

Many people have larger vases, but do not often have single-flower vases, and it is also an item that is easy to coordinate if you have many of them depending on their chemistry with flowers. They go well not only with Japanese-style interiors, but also with any interior design, adding a touch of elegance to any space in your home.

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Golden Sakura Yamanaka Lacquerware Set of Two Pairs of Chopsticks 23cm/9in

This set of Yamanaka lacquer chopsticks can be recommended for those who love not only Japanese food but also Asian food in general. The sophisticated design also depicts petals dancing among the blooming cherry blossoms. They are easy to clean as they are made of dishwasher-safe material.

Since they are a pair, they are ideal as a gift for two people, such as a married couple or a couple. It comes in a wooden box, giving it a special touch that makes it a suitable gift.

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Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug

A great gift for any person is a mug that allows them to enjoy the unique quality of Kutani ware in a casual atmosphere. Mugs are used especially frequently among tableware, and it is nice to have different ones for different drinks or occasions.

 The warm, earthy texture and the relaxing cats painted on the mug will give you a gentle feeling just by looking at it. It is a mug anyone can use when taking a break from their busy schedule and want to take a break with a cup of coffee or tea. 

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Tableware with Love

Meals are one of the most enjoyable times of the day. However, it is so much a part of everyday life that many people probably continue to use the same tableware. That is why they will be delighted when they receive new tableware as a gift.

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