31 October 2023

9 Aesthetic Gifts For Interior Design Enthusiasts


Selecting a gift tailored to a friend's tastes and inclinations can be challenging, especially those with a flair for interior design. While gift cards are convenient, there's something truly heartwarming about gifting an item chosen thoughtfully, with the recipient's interests in mind—creating a cherished memory for both parties.

Japanese traditional crafts, replete with a distinct aesthetic and rich heritage, serve as captivating interior additions. They stand out for their unmatched quality, durability, versatility in complementing or highlighting any space, and their unique nature.

The products from Musubi Kiln encapsulate these enchanting attributes. Consider gifting something special, detailing its origins, craftsmanship, material composition, and history. Adding a personal touch by sharing what makes the item so appealing will make your gift unforgettable.


  • Kakinuma Ningyo Black Edo Kimekomi Doll Daruma
  • Green Glaze Kutani Owl Figurine
  • Komachi Suruga Bamboo Basketry Basket with Lid
  • Plum Branch Maki-e Yamanaka Lacquerware Candy Box
  • Seikou Kiln Kutani Traditional Pattern Small Box
  • Kutani Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko C
  • Yatsuyanagi Sakura Akita Cherry Bark Work Tea Tray Small
  • Two Cranes and Landscape Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
  • A Gift with a Surprise Is the Best Prize of All

Kakinuma Ningyo Black Edo Kimekomi Doll Daruma

For those in search of a unique decorative item, we recommend the daruma by Kakinuma Ningyo, a maker renowned for its kimekomi dolls. Darumas have long been cherished in Japan as symbols of good luck, with the black color specifically symbolizing prosperity in business.

When one acquires a daruma, it is customary to make a wish and fill in the left eye. Once that wish is realized or a particular goal is achieved, the right eye is completed. It makes for a perfect gift for someone setting a goal, serving as a talisman for good luck.

The beautiful fabric is Nishijin Ori Brocade, distinguished by its chic arabesque pattern. This item stands out as a unique fusion of two traditional crafts: Kimekomi dolls and Nishijin weaving.

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Green Glaze Kutani Owl Figurine

For those seeking an exquisite gift recommendation, consider this captivating blue-green owl figurine handcrafted from Kutani ware porcelain.

Utilizing a lead glaze technique—one of Japan's earliest artificially glazed ceramics—it showcases the distinctive green hue unique to this method. The area surrounding the owl's eyes is embellished with a radiant golden shade, emanating a divine and gentle luminescence that captures the beholder's attention. 

In Japan, owls have been traditionally viewed as harbingers of good fortune, particularly in business ventures. They are also venerated symbols of academia and longevity.

Positioning owl figurines in communal spaces, such as living rooms or entryways, is believed to beckon good fortune. We also recommend pairing it with a decorative stand resembling a tatami mat to enhance the display.

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Komachi Suruga Bamboo Basketry Basket with Lid

Discover the elegant craftsmanship of Suruga Bamboo Basketry with this delicately handcrafted basket. Complete with a functional handle and contrasting hexagonal and herringbone designs on the lid and base, it's ideal for storing sweets or cherished items. What you store inside is up to your imagination; while perfect for food items, it also suits scarves, watches, or as a designated spot for your keys.

This artisanal piece, crafted by expert hands using slender bamboo strips, embodies over 400 years of tradition from Shizuoka. As a national treasure since 1976, its gentle curves bring tranquility to any space.

A timeless gift for those who appreciate historic craftsmanship.

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Plum Branch Maki-e Yamanaka Lacquerware Candy Box

Gift the timeless elegance of Yamanaka lacquerware with this exquisite round box, adorned with hand-painted golden and silver plum trees. Beyond storing sweets, its allure lies in the anticipation of unveiling its contents. Perfectly versatile, it can grace a dressing table holding jewelry or hair accessories, or sit on a desk filled with office supplies.

The lustrous lacquer complements the gold-painted plum petals, while the brown lacquered trunk captures the vitality of spring. Choose between vibrant crimson red, evoking auspiciousness and brilliance, or a glossy black that accentuates the lacquer's depth. Rooted in the Yamanaka Onsen district of Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, Yamanaka lacquerware is renowned for harmonizing natural wood elegance with the radiant maki-e technique. A perfect gift for those who value intricate artistry and functional beauty.

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Seikou Kiln Kutani Traditional Pattern Small Box

The Kutani ware small box is an ideal choice for a small gift. Kutani ware products are the most vividly painted porcelain in Japan, so they are highly appreciated and recommended for friends who love ceramics and product design. In addition, there are 10 different traditional patterns to choose from to suit the recipient's taste, making it a highly versatile gift.

It can be used as a small accessory or jewelry box, or even as unique tableware since it is made of porcelain. Why not use it to hold small condiments or snacks? Additionally, it can be presented as a gift box with sweets or accessories inside.

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Kutani ware, with its beautiful traditional Japanese patterns and modern contemporary style, looks great in simple interiors. To see other Kutani ware pieces, click the button below.

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Kutani Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko C

If your friend is particularly into kawaii designs, cat motifs are sure to be a hit with your friend's heart. This delightful red maneki neko "lucky cat" is adorned using the mori-e technique, akin to the slip trailing method in pottery. A dense paint is meticulously extruded from an iicchin, a dispenser equipped with a fine tip, to craft the intricate patterns on the surface. Mori-e not only enhances the porcelain's appearance with its decorative patterns but also adds a tangible texture to its otherwise smooth finish.

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The gesture of the raised right paw is a familiar sight with maneki neko, symbolizing the attraction of "wealth" and "happiness." Black is a commonly chosen color for these beckoning cats. In Japan, attributes such as keen night vision and potent spiritual power have historically associated the black cat—referred to as the lucky cat—with protection from evil, bringing good fortune, and in places like Kyoto, as an emblem of thriving business.

Pairing this with our decorative stands will undoubtedly enhance its visual appeal, making it a recommended display choice. 

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Yatsuyanagi Sakura Akita Cherry Bark Work Tea Tray Small

For those who are looking for a gift that is unlike anything else, we especially recommend kabazaiku, a craft that is one-of-a-kind.

Also known as cherry bark craft, this wood craft uses cherry bark for decoration, and is characterized by the beautiful color and light reflection of the bark itself. Because the bark is collected without harming the life of the tree, it is a very eco-friendly craft, and makes a great gift for Earth-conscious friends.

Although it is a tea tray, it has the beauty of an art piece and a strong presence as an interior decoration.

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Many kabazaiku items are small in size, making them perfect for gifts and especially appropriate for tea lovers, as we have a range of kabazaiku tea utensils. To see a collection of other kabazaiku items, visit this page.

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Two Cranes and Landscape Kutani Japanese Flower Vase

For a special occasion, such as a housewarming gift for a person who loves art or a retirement gift for your parent, how about this porcelain vase created by a Kutani ware master craftsman? The simple four-color palette of blue, green, white, and gold is beautifully shaded like a three-dimensional painting, making this valuable vase an impressive entrance hall decoration.

The design of two cranes gracefully dancing in the vast sky gives you the feeling as if you are witnessing the actual scene. The morning mist depicted in gold adds an exquisite touch to this elegant vase. The vase also comes with a paulownia wood box for careful storage and handling.

To learn more about arranging flowers with vases, please visit our blog here. 

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A Gift with a Surprise Is the Best Prize of All

Giving a gift to a friend who is into interior design is not an easy task. When a limited number of items are displayed in a space as neat and clean as a show house, you may be thinking, "Can I really add something appropriate to that collection?"

However, if it is an unexpected Japanese artifact, it may be more of a good hook than a straight jab. By knowing the recipient's tastes and then giving them something unexpected, you can win their heart.

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