27 September 2023

Fall into Elegance: Gift Ideas Featuring Maple and Ginkgo Motifs

Visiting Japan in the fall offers a unique opportunity to experience the mesmerizing autumn foliage. The contrast between deep greens and the vibrant reds and yellows is truly captivating. As autumn progresses, the breathtaking beauty of these colorful leaves captures the hearts of many.

With the onset of autumn and the drop in morning temperatures, deciduous trees like maples and ginkgos begin their preparation for leaf fall, with their leaves gradually changing colors. The start of the foliage season depends on the region's climate. In the northern mountainous regions, the peak is expected from early October, while in central Tokyo, the prime viewing stretches from late November to early December.

Tableware adorned with or shaped like maple and ginkgo leaf motifs seamlessly capture the essence of the autumn season. Merely placing them on a table evokes elegance, reminiscent of a delicate leaf that has just fallen.

Furthermore, in Japan, the maple carries the floral meanings of "harmony," "beautiful transition," and "precious memories," making it a perfect gift for various anniversaries. On the other hand, the ginkgo grows large and has a long life, symbolizing "longevity," "majesty," and "peace for the departed soul." As a gift for the elderly, it will surely be appreciated as a special motif that enriches one's life.


  • Bringing a Touch of Autumn to the Table
  • Modern Elegance of Abstracted Maple Leaves
  • The Luster of Lacquerware that Grows Richer with Time
  • Metallic Feel and Lifelike Detail
  • Enchanted Blend of Seasons

Bringing a Touch of Autumn to the Table

Ihoshiro Kiln Leaves Series Mino Ware Chopstick Rest

Dive into autumn's essence with these delightful Autumn Leaves chopstick rests - the perfect gift for any special moment. These intricately designed rests, with their endearing shapes and radiant, glossy hues, illuminate every table, transporting diners to the richness of Japan's harvest season.

Crafted with precision at the Ihoshiro Kiln in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, where over thirty artisans dedicate their days to producing these unique pieces, they proudly stand in contrast to their mass-produced counterparts. More than mere tableware, these rests symbolize personal flair and invite users to celebrate the changing seasons or momentous occasions. Paired with our collection of chopsticks, they offer a touch of traditional Japanese elegance to your dining experience.

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Modern Elegance of Abstracted Maple Leaves

Zuiho Kiln Two Maple Leaves Three-footed Delicacy Small Bowl

Designed with overlapping maple leaves, this bowl exudes a timeless elegance, adorned with refined gold and silver edging, making it suitable not just for autumn but for every season. Elevated by three delicate feet, it adds a sophisticated touch to table settings.

Crafted by the esteemed Zuiho Kiln, with a tradition spanning over 100 years, this piece beautifully bridges the past and present. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate high-quality tableware. With the availability in both gold and silver, it would be nice to offer them as a paired set for couples or spouses.

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The Luster that Grows Richer with Time

Gingko Leaf Echizen Lacquerware Plate

The Echizen lacquerware plate, molded in the form of a ginkgo leaf and accentuated with the "Tame-nuri" technique, embodies the very essence of autumn. At first glance, the plate appears mostly black, but as the years go by and it's used, the lacquer's translucency becomes more pronounced, revealing a beautiful reddish hue beneath. This captivating evolution over time ensures that its beauty only deepens, making it a gift that recipients can cherish and appreciate for many years.

Rooted in over 1,500 years of tradition from Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, and its ability to serve traditional delicacies or display seasonal decor, it's a gift that perfectly captures the warmth and elegance of the autumn season and the passage of time.

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Metallic Feel and Lifelike Detail

Tsubame Hutlery Gold Ginkgo Leaf Chopstick Rest

The Tsubame Cutlery Gold Ginkgo Leaf Chopstick Rest is not only a testament to Japan's rich tradition and meticulous craftsmanship, originating from the esteemed Tsubame Sanjo region, but it's also the ideal gift for those who appreciate art combined with function. Designed by the internationally recognized Kaichiro Yamada, every detail, from its soft curvature to its matte finish, captures the authentic essence of a ginkgo leaf.

The gold hue presents a captivating dance of colors, changing with the light, adding to its allure. Beyond its undeniable functionality, its unique design stands as a conversation piece, elevating any dining setting. This blend of history, artistry, and elegance makes it a thoughtful gift for celebrations, housewarmings, or even just to express appreciation.

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Enchanted Blend of Seasons

Black Running Water Echizen Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box with Handle

Cherry blossoms fluttering down to the pristine stream and autumn leaves – this Jubako bento box depicts two motifs that symbolize spring and autumn in Japan. Though such a scene doesn't occur in reality, this design is known as "Shunju" (Spring and Autumn) and has been a popular pattern on kimonos and other items for generations. It's perfect for serving traditional New Year's "Osechi" dishes or for outings like "Hanami" (cherry blossom viewing). Beyond its culinary uses, it can also serve as a decorative piece, holding trinkets and enhancing any living space. This Jubako bento box emanates from Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, representing the esteemed Echizen lacquerware tradition with a history spanning over 1,500 years. Consider gifting this embodiment of Japanese art and heritage on a memorable occasion for someone dear.

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Autumn is commonly known as the "harvest season," marking a period when our dining tables brim with bounty. This season also brings occasions like Thanksgiving, where gatherings are frequent. On such occasions, thoughtfully crafted table settings with autumn leaves can elevate the dining experience, delighting both the eye and taste buds.

For a deeper exploration of autumn-themed designs, especially those featuring maple or ginko leaves, read our blog Japanese Motif with Fall Inspiration.