6 May 2022

Guide for Father's Day Gift

On Father's Day, when you can express your gratitude to your father, all you want to do is to give him a thoughtful gift. However, have you ever wondered what to give your father every year?

In that case, why not choose a Japanese gift that is full of warm hospitality? Here are some tips on how to choose a Father's Day gift and our five recommended items.


  • How to Choose a Father's Day Gift
  • 5 recommended items
  • Japanese Gifts and the Spirit of "Omotenashi" Hospitality

How to Choose a Father's Day Gift

Select an item that is a little more special than usual

While not limited to Father's Day, the best gift is something in a slightly higher price range than you would usually afford, and something you want to have in the first sight but would not buy for yourself.

For example, a small accessory that is a little expensive for everyday use or a luxury grocery item that is a step up in price.

This point is especially important if you have a limited budget. For example, if you have a budget of $50, you may be able to get something more special for one sake cup than a set of sake cups for the same $50.

The trick is to choose something a little more luxurious in story and culture, such as an item that comes in a wooden box, is made of special materials, or is made using an unusual technique. 

Rather to choose something useful

Your father will be happy with anything you give him. But if you choose a useful gift that your father can use in everyday life, he will think of your face every time he uses it and will be filled with happiness.

So a gift that can be used in your father's routine or hobbies is also highly recommended.

Moreover, if you choose something easy to use and useful for the recipient, you won't have to worry about "what if the gift doesn't fit their taste?" This is a good choice for fathers who value practicality.

Emphasize the story of you and your father

When giving a Father's Day gift, the gift itself is important, but more important thing is the warm conversation between you and your father.

By telling him why you chose the item, what you found attractive about it and why you wanted your father to use it, your appreciation and thoughtfulness toward him will be conveyed and the value of the gift will be doubled.

Or a gift inspired by a memory of you and your father – every time he sees it, he will remember the tale and will be proud of how you've grown up.

5 recommended items

We have selected five items with a Japanese taste for Father's Day gifts, according to the preference.

For fathers who have recently into sake

Bizan Kiln Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Sake Set

This brilliant set of sake cups with cherry blossoms and birds painted by Kutani ware craftsmen is the perfect gift for a father who usually drinks sake in ordinary glasses.

The smooth texture of the glaze is pleasantly soft when it touches the lips, bringing out the rich and delicate flavor of the sake. Since it comes with two cups, you and your father can enjoy sake together.

For fathers who is particular with tools

Seigado Tin Guinomi Sake Cup

Seigado's tin sake cups are exactly the perfect gift item. Made by master craftsmen in Niigata Prefecture who hammered and shaped a single sheet of metal, this Guinomi sake cup is one of the finest of all tin sake cups in Japan.

The metals have a slight aroma. Especially tin has a gorgeous fruity aroma and is a very precious metal that enhances the taste of sake, making it a desirable item for all sake lovers.

It will also be attractive gift because it does not break and can be used for a long time.

For fathers who faver Japanese tea

Gyokko Clay Tokoname Japanese Teapot

Tokoname ware Kyusu (teapot) is one of the finest quality teapots in Japan. Its top grade texture can be felt even when you touch the lid.

The secret of Tokoname ware Kyusu is its smoothest clay, a material that brings out the flavor of the tea leaves and enhances the aromatic taste of fine Japanese tea. 

If you include premium Japanese tea leaves with the gift, you can create a set of the best Japanese tea to savor, making it the perfect gift for a tea-loving father to relax during the holidays.

For fathers who you want him to smile

Kutani Choemon Tea Cup

Combining tradition and humor, Kutani Choemon's teacups are popular as special gifts for daily use.

Each design is hand-painted by skilled craftsmen at a traditional kiln that has been in production for 140 years.

There are a variety of motifs, such as musical instruments and skateboards, so choosing one that matches the father's hobbies or evokes an episode between father and you will make for a gift that will bring more a smile to his face.

Chopsticks that are perfect for big father's hands

Extra Large Chopsticks

Have you ever seen a father with large hands who loves Japanese food looking uncomfortable holding small chopsticks?

There are only a few types of large size chopsticks, and it is difficult to find high quality ones. Therefore, it is very nice to receive them as a gift.

These chopsticks, made in Wakasa Lacquer, the largest chopstick production area in Japan, or in Oita prefecture, famous for its traditional bamboo work, will surely make your father's everyday dining more comfortable.

Japanese Gifts and the Spirit of "Omotenashi" Hospitality

In Japan, there is a word "Omotenashi" that expresses hospitality and consideration for others. Omotenashi is about making the best efforts to respect and care for the recipient above all else and making them feel comfortable.

Japanese gifts are full of such hospitality. Musubi Kiln has the perfect selection of gifts to express your feelings. We hope you will find the perfect gift for your father.