1 March 2024

Hop into Spring: Gift Ideas Featuring Rabbit Motifs

Spring announces its arrival through the colorful blooming of flowers, the cheerful chirping of birds, and the return of one beloved spring creature - the rabbit! These fluffy animals not only mark the resurgence of warmth after a harsh winter but also embody the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. What better way to convey wishes for a bright future this season than by incorporating rabbit motifs into a thoughtful gift?

In contrast to their symbolism in Western culture, where rabbits are associated with Easter, these creatures hold a distinct significance in Japan. Referred to in Japanese as usagi, rabbits are seen as a lucky symbol for the relentless pursuit of progress, as they steadfastly move forward without looking back. Whether you’re gifting a friend, family, or yourself, including these fluffy animals into your gift will make a memorable impact with deep meaning.


  • Hozan Kiln Sakura Rabbit Kyo Ware Chopstick Rest Set 
  • Rabbits On the Moon Yamanaka Lacquerware Reusable Chopsticks 
  • Bouncing Rabbit Kutani Yunomi Japanese Teacup Pair
  • Tougen Kiln Rabbit Hasami Japanese Rice Bowl
  • Rabbits bouncing on the grass Rayon Chirimen Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 27in

Hozan Kiln Sakura Rabbit Kyo Ware Chopstick Rest Set

Set the perfect scene for the season with these charming rabbit-themed chopstick rests. Adorned with a delicate cherry blossom painted on the tails - another quintessential symbol of spring in Japan - these bunnies are ideal for enhancing spring tablescapes. The intricate gold lining adds an elegant touch, making them an excellent choice for fine dining occasions and entertaining guests. Crafted by Hozan Kiln in the Kyo ware tradition, these ceramic chopstick rests come as a set of 5, making for a perfect gift.

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Rabbits On the Moon Yamanaka Lacquerware Reusable Chopsticks

Created using the Yamanaka lacquerware technique, these beautiful chopsticks pay homage to the special bond between rabbits and the moon in Japanese culture. In Japanese folklore, it is often said that you can make out the silhouette of a rabbit in the moon’s craters. The combination of the white rabbit, golden moon, and twinkling background in the design evokes a timeless charm that is perfect for any spring dining experience. Available in two sizes and featuring a slightly roughened texture for enhanced grip, these chopsticks make an exceptional gift for both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to Japanese dining alike.

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Bouncing Rabbit Kutani Yunomi Japanese Teacup Pair

Who can resist a cozy drink on a rainy spring day? These porcelain teacups, crafted in the Kutani tradition, feature playful hopping rabbit designs amid a soft and warm background, with their unique shape crafted at the potter’s wheel. The thickness of the cups also keeps drinks warm and hands snug, ideal for chilly spring mornings or afternoons. Coming in a pair, these teacups are perfect for gifting as a matching set or sharing the charming design between two.

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Tougen Kiln Rabbit Hasami Japanese Rice Bowl

Embrace rustic sophistication with this rice bowl featuring two sweet rabbits nestled side by side. The adorable design is complemented by the earthy tones and cozy feeling of the bowl, giving it a spring ambiance. With a delicate blue flower adorning the bottom of the bowl, each meal is elevated with a touch of elegance. The bowl is durable and user-friendly, made by Tougen Kiln in the Hasami ware tradition. The bowl’s natural beauty makes it an ideal choice for daily use or as a thoughtful gift.

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Rabbits bouncing on the Grass Rayon Chirimen Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 27in

Celebrate the spirit of spring with this beautiful furoshiki featuring rabbits leaping amidst verdant grass. The rabbit's joyful antics symbolize the spirit of growth and renewal that define the season. Crafted using the traditional Japanese chirimen technique, the fabric has a unique texture with an uneven surface. Furthermore, the deep purple hue of the furoshiki carries historical significance, as purple dye was once exceedingly rare and expensive, reserved exclusively for nobility. This association of purple with royalty and prestige makes it an excellent gift for celebratory occasions or to convey heartfelt appreciation.

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While exploring spring or Easter gift ideas, we hope you find inspiration in the charm and rich symbolism of rabbit motifs. The selection showcased here offers just a glimpse into our assortment of rabbit-themed tableware, so we encourage you to explore our collection further to discover the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

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