13  December  2022

Last Call for Christmas and Year-end Gift Shoppers!

Still haven’t crossed out all the items on your gift list? Whether it be for a Christmas gift, a Year-end gift or a birthday coming up during the winter holidays, we’ve got you covered. Here are some wonderful gift ideas for that special someone on your shopping list. 

One of Our Most Popular Items! 

Cat lovers will adore these plates. The set includes 5 plates, 4 with round-bellied cats and 1 with a fish bone. All are neatly set in a wooden box with an adorable cat stamp on the corner of the lid. These plates are great to use for side dishes and desserts. Use them for a fun display in the kitchen or dining room. These Hasami Ware plates will not disappoint.

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A New Pair of Chopsticks to Welcome the New Year

These chopsticks are small pieces of art in one’s hand. Choose from the 15 different traditional Japanese patterns in Kutani Ware colors designed on Yamanaka Lacquerware chopsticks. Chopsticks are known to be a "bridge" to happiness, good health and longevity as the Japanese word for chopsticks "hashi" also means "bridge." 

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For the Interior Enthusiast! 

This sake cooler from Arita Porcelain Lab is great for cooling small bottles of sake and wine. The deep blue comes from the signature technique seen on "Old Imari" pieces called "sometsuke." It can also be placed on a shelf as a home decor item or used as a vase or flower pot.
A very versatile item!

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Filled with Japanese Tradition and Good Fortune

Send a gift filled with blessings of good luck and good fortune for the coming year with this palm-sized Kutani Ware lucky cat. Place it on a mantle or side table near the entrance to bring in the good luck.

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For the Sake Connoisseur

Sake is the choice of beverage to celebrate New Year in Japan. These shallow "Sakazuki" sake cups are perfect for celebrations during the New Year holidays. All hand-painted, the cups are decorated with the auspicious mix of pine tree, bamboo and plum symbolizing good luck and longevity.

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Relaxing with the Aroma of Japanese Tea 

Do you have a friend who is in search of some much needed relaxation time? A Chakoro Tea Incense Burner spreads the relaxing aroma of Japanese tea in its surroundings and creates a relaxing atmosphere. They are made in a simple and rustic design, and when lit, you can enjoy the elegant shadows created by the carved out designs. 

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Tableware for the Minimalist

An "Oryoki" is a functional set of bowls designed to minimize waste in daily life in the practice of Zen Buddhism. They are stackable allowing for compact storage and carrying. A set of bowls may not sound like the most extravagant of gift choices, but the craftsmanship and symbolism bestowed in an authentic Oryoki is timeless and priceless.

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A Cute Lucky Cat All Dressed Up in a Japanese Kimono

Lucky Cat meets the traditional craft of "Kimekomi." The Kakinuma Ningyo Lucky Cat is adorably dressed up in a beautiful Furisode kimono using the traditional craft of Kimekomi. The kimono is decorated with cherry blossoms, leaves and pine trees, a gorgeous and traditional pattern.
The best present for cat lovers and kimono lovers! 

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A Mug Filled with Warmth and Cuteness 

Enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji under a cherry blossom tree is a dream setting for these adorable two Shiba Inus. Drinking hot coffee or tea on a cold winter day can be made into a relaxing moment with this stoneware mug.
Send the warmth and delight of this design to a friend or family member, and brighten up their day.

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Were we able to help you find the gift you were looking for? Don’t forget, all items will arrive wrapped in a "furoshiki," a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. We have plenty more items that will make wonderful gifts for the holidays and milestone celebrations. Check out our website for more gift ideas.
Happy Holidays! 

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