01 May 2023

Make Your Father Smile: Unforgettable Father's Day Gifts

It's almost time for another special day to show gratitude to your loving father or father figures. If you find yourself giving the same type of gift, it may be time to break from stereotypes and get creative. This year, why not make the celebration truly memorable by choosing a gift that is tailored to his interests or choosing a gift that will open up new doors to his curiosity?

To help you express your love and respect, we have created a selection of unique and heartfelt items that will let your father know just how special he is.


  • For fathers who love sake and entertaining guests
  • For fathers who like to enjoy seasonal cuisine with cold beer
  • For fathers with big loving hands
  • For fathers who love noodles
  • For fathers who love tea and art
  • For fathers looking for homemade lunch experiences
  • For fathers in need of relaxation

For fathers who love sake and entertaining guests

Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Ochoko Sake Cup Set

This set of five handmade sake cups features a modern interpretation of the traditional patterns of old Imari. Each cup offers a different painting such as a flower and bird, an arabesque pattern, lotus flowers, landscapes, and a three-storied pagoda. Crafted with the festive design of Kutani ware, these cups are simply a pleasure to look at.

If your father is a sake lover, he can choose his preferred cup and savor his favorite sake depending on his mood. Alternatively, if your father enjoys hosting guests, these cups are sure to impress and make for great conversation starters at house parties.

The cups are presented in a stylish wooden box, adding a special touch to the gift.

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For fathers who like to enjoy seasonal cuisine with cold beer

Kosen Kiln Medaka Rice Fish Imari Nabeshima Ware Tumbler

As the season of summer approaches, this refreshing tumbler will be the perfect addition to your father's collection. The delicate brushwork used to depict the medaka (rice fish) give it a lifelike appearance as though the medaka were swimming. The cup's translucent light blue surface further enhances the reality of the pond.

In addition, the vertical stripes on the cup depict the traditional "Tokusa" pattern, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. This makes it an ideal gift for your father, conveying your wishes for his continued success.

If your father enjoys beer, he can use this tumbler to savor his favorite beer while snacking on some edamame. It can also be used to serve other cold beverages for daily use.

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For fathers with big loving hands

Yamachiku Ganko Bamboo Reusable Extra Large Chopsticks 24cm/9.4in

These chopsticks are for the larger-handed, or those who enjoy Japanese cuisine. Yamachiku's Ganko-bashi chopsticks have been a favorite choice for many years. The brand prides itself on using domestically sourced, natural bamboo for its production. "Ganko-bashi" translates to "stubborn chopsticks," a name earned from being shaved from the thickest part of the bamboo, ensuring a sturdy and unbreakable design.

Featuring an ergonomic shape, these chopsticks have quite a thick handle that gradually tapers down to a thin end, providing a comfortable grip for those with bigger hands while remaining lightweight. Additionally, the chopsticks' simple yet timeless design showcases the natural texture and beauty of bamboo.

These chopsticks are sure to whet your father's appetite for Japanese cuisine while providing a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

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For fathers who love noodles

Snow Shino Mino Ware Ramen Bowl M

Ramen bowls usually come in a mix of white and red or white and blue, but this one is different. The bowl has a light beige base, and it's blended with a beautiful mix of snow white, green, and brown. And the rough texture of the unglazed area adds to its charm.

This bowl is perfect for bright, colorful toppings like eggs and spinach. It also looks great with udon and soba noodles as well as ramen, making it the perfect gift for noodle lovers. Furthermore, it can also be used for rice dishes, such as "Tendon"(tempura rice bowl) or "Katsudon"(pork cutlet rice bowl). The timeless nature of the design ensures that your father can enjoy it for a long time.

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For fathers who love tea and art

Bizan Kiln Hokusai Wave Kutani Yunomi Japanese Teacup

This is a Japanese teacup featuring one of Hokusai's most famous prints which is one of his three major works, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." The design has been hand-painted onto the cup with precision by skilled artisans. Hokusai is said to have challenged himself to depict waves throughout his life. The bold and powerful design, along with the vivid colors of Kutani ware, is this teacup's charm.

This teacup is much larger than a typical teacup, so your father can enjoy more of his favorite tea. And since each one is handmade, no two are exactly alike, and the warm, natural curve of the cup is designed to fit your father's hand comfortably.

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For fathers looking for homemade lunch experiences

Tsunoda Seibee Kishu Cypress Two-Tiered Bento Box

This simple and elegant two-tier lunch box is crafted from Kishu cypress, a sturdy wood that thrives in harsh environments. It is carved from a single block of wood by skilled craftsmen and is said to be a lunch box that will last for many years to come.

The wood's natural breathability keeps rice moist, and its antibacterial properties ensure safe and hygienic use. Additionally, the presence of oil in the wood allows it to age gracefully, developing a unique patina over time. Your father also can appreciate the subtle aroma and smooth texture of the cypress.

The bento box's practical design features separate compartments for rice and side dishes, allowing your father to enjoy his meal without the flavors mixing. A divider is also included to further separate different dishes. There are two colors available, so choose according to your father's preference.

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For fathers in need of relaxation

Cast Iron Kettle Nambu Ironware Wind Bell

This charming wind bell has a design of a miniature cast iron kettle. The small kettle is adorned with the classic patterns of Nambu ironware. While air conditioners have made it possible to stay cool indoors, the age-old tradition of listening to the soothing sound of wind bells during hot summer days remains an integral part of Japanese culture. Unlike conventional glass wind bells, this iron wind bell has a more profound and relaxing sound.

Usually hung in breezy areas or near open windows, it is said that the frequency of the bell's sound has a calming effect akin to the sound of trickling water or birds singing. Its high-pitched yet mellow sound might evoke a feeling of nostalgia and peace, soothing your father's tired soul, and restoring his spirit.

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Father's Day is a special occasion to show appreciation towards your father. While it's wonderful to see the joy on his face as he unwraps a gift, the true joy comes from knowing that the gift will be used and appreciated in his daily life, fostering new memories, and strengthening family bonds. We hope that the gift you choose will help you spend a memorable Father's Day with your beloved father.

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