2 November  2022

Tasteful Gifts for Green Tea Lovers

Next to water, tea is the most commonly consumed beverage.

Tea is broadly classified into three types according to the degree of fermentation of the tea leaves: unfermented "green tea," semi-fermented "oolong tea," and fully fermented "black tea".

Japan produces more than 10% of the world's green tea. Steamed green tea, in which tea leaves are steamed, then rubbed and dried, is the main type of green tea in Japan, while kettle-fired green tea, in which tea leaves are roasted in a kettle and dried, is produced in China, and exports about 90% of the green tea consumed worldwide.

Originally, Japanese green tea was a rare and valuable commodity. Nowadays, it is readily available in plastic bottles, but why not take the time to brew a cup of delicious green tea and enjoy the original taste and atmosphere of Japan? In this issue, we introduce MUSUBI KILN's recommended items that will help such green tea lovers get in the mood. We recommend these items as gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.


  • Gold and Silver Mountains Kutani Japanese Teapot Set
  • Hozan Kiln Goma Bizen Ware Japanese Teacup Pair
  • Seigado Sakura and Wind Pattern Copper Tea Canister
  • Yatsuyanagi Checked Pattern Akita Cherry Bark Work Round Coaster
  • Yatsuyanagi Shell Inlay and Wood Sakura Akita Cherry Bark Work Rectangle Tea Tray

Gold and Silver Mountains Kutani Japanese Teapot Set

This chic Kutani Ware teapot set includes a teapot and five teacups. Based on a glossy black base, the painting depicts a series of mountains in silver and the background and natural light in gold, creating an elegant feeling as if you are looking at a distant landscape.

While maintaining the authentic atmosphere of the tea set, it is also designed to make it easy to enjoy green tea at home. The base of the spout has a mesh tea strainer to prevent tea leaves from coming out, which is convenient. In addition, each teacup has a lid, which not only looks good but also keeps the teacup warm.

This is a great gift for people who have families or entertain guests often, or for those who want a set of authentic teapot set.

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Flower Dance Kutani Japanese Teapot Set

This Kutani Ware teapot set is perfect for use by two to three people. Sakura (Cherry blossoms) and petals blowing in the wind are painted in soft-colored Japanese paints called "Wa-enogu" and decorated with gold leaf. It has the unique characteristics of Kutani Ware.

Sakura's symbolic meanings are "spiritual beauty," "elegance," and "excellent education."

The inside of the teapot has a stainless steel tea strainer. The spout is simple and easy to wash. The teacup is also easy to care, making it ideal for everyday use, special occasions to enjoy Japanese tea with family or guests, or as a gift for a loved one.

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Hozan Kiln Goma Bizen Ware Japanese Teacup Pair

Hozan Kiln table ware has many fans among Musubi Kiln staffs because of the designs and techniques cultivated in the kiln's history and traditions.

Bizen Ware is the oldest ceramic production area in Japan, and there are only six families that produce Bizen ware, which has been under the patronage of the shogunate since the 17th century. One of them is Hozan Kiln.

This set of teacups has a BIzen Ware's signature pattern called "Goma (sesame)". The coarse texture, exquisite colors and patterns created by the kiln's flame are the essence of Bizen ware, the "art of clay and fire".

The "Goma" pattern was created from the pine wood used in the kiln fire that turned to ash and eventually adhered to the piece, creating a pattern that looks as if it were covered in sesame seeds. Since the pattern is different each time it is fired, each piece is unique.

Delivered in a wooden box, it makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

This is a great gift for those who already have a pot, collect teacups, or just like the Wabi-Sabi atmosphere.

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Seigado Sakura and Wind Pattern Copper Tea Canister

An essential item for tea lovers is a tea canister for storing tea leaves. You want to choose a nice design to keep it in an easily accessible place on the table or kitchen counter.

This Copper Tea Canister made by Seigado, a metalworking workshop in Niigata Prefecture, features a beautiful purple and gold color. Each piece is handmade using the traditional hammering technique of "Tsuiki".

The upper lid has an incised Sakura ("cherry") blossoms pattern. The lid has a double structure with another copper plate under the incised pattern. The pattern and coloring evoke the image of wind flowing, in a purple and gold color. 

It is an ideal gift because it can be used not only for green tea, but also as a canister for various types of tea leaves and coffee. 

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Yatsuyanagi Checked Pattern Akita Cherry Bark Work Round Coaster

Wooden coasters are convenient for coordinating with teacups. Simple designs are fine, but why not try incorporating an exceptional traditional craftwork that showcases the skills of Japanese artisans?

This Yatsuyanagi round coaster is made of cherry bark work from Akita Prefecture, and have a cherry blossom motif. The glossy brown cherry bark is characterized by its moist texture and beautiful luster. 

The cherry trees used for Akita cherry bark work are mainly wild cherry trees from the Tohoku region, which grow in a harsh climate and are said to be beautiful and durable. The cherry bark is carefully peeled off from the trunk and left to dry in the shade for a year or two to remove the moisture.  

Using the delicate material of natural bark, this item is beautifully finished down to the smallest detail, allowing you to fully appreciate the charm of traditional craftsmanship. It takes up little space and can be used not only for teacups, but also for glass cups and sake cups. Since it can be given easily, we recommend it as a small gift.

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Yatsuyanagi Shell Inlay and Wood Sakura Akita Cherry Bark Work Rectangle Tea Tray

A tray is an indispensable item when carrying a teapot or several teacups. The design maximizes the qualities of the bark and the wood grain, giving it an elegant and unique presence.

This rectangle tea tray, created by Yatsuyanagi, is made of cherry bark work from Akita Prefecture and decorated with a cherry blossom motif made of shell-inlay and wood bark.  

With a size of 20cm(7.9in)x 40cm(15.7in), it is ideal for serving a tea/drink set for a group of 2-4 ppl. The back side has a rough coating to prevent slipping.

The cherry blossom motif makes this design perfect for the green tea time, but the subdued brown color makes it a good match for any interior. It is also a beautiful way to display accessories, vases, and various other items. Why not give it as a housewarming or birthday gift?

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There is a Japanese expression, "katachi kara hairu" ("start from the style"), and the same maybe be said when choosing tea utensils. Tea items are not only beautiful but also functional, and even if you don't get used to them at first, they will become indispensable over time. Items in subdued tones such as those shown here, with the bright green color of green tea, make for a very beautiful table setting. It's the perfect gift for a relaxing and wonderful time.

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