05 December 2023

Unique White Elephant Gifts

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Can you believe it? The holiday season is upon us already. If you're anything like us here at Musubi Kiln, you saw the date on the calendar and immediately pulled up your mental gift list to plan the most efficient holiday shopping. Fear not, Musubi Kiln is the place to find gifts that are not only unique, but also have an interesting story behind their creation, making it easy to complete your shopping list in one spot.

So this year, instead of leaving the White Elephant gifts to the last minute and having to rush out to a busy store, why not stock up on interesting items that will get the competition going? Every Musubi Kiln gift comes wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki for a traditional Japanese touch for additional intrigue as the gift selection starts.

For those unfamiliar with White Elephant, it's a party game played during the holiday season that involves bringing a fun but inexpensive item. Everyone participating puts their gift into a pile, then chooses a number at random to decide what order the gifts are picked, and the game begins. One person selects a gift and unwraps it, then the next person decides whether to open a new gift or steal a gift that's already open. And the game continues until everyone has a gift they're pleased with.

Sounds fun, right? Save your energy for the game and peruse our curation of gifts priced under USD20 to prepare for your full schedule of holiday parties. Any of these are sure to be a White Elephant success.


  • Black Crystal Mino Ware Japanese Teacup
  • Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Yellow
  • Two Chrysanthemums Mesh Hasami Sauce Plate
  • Neko Chigura Cat Mino Ware Round Plate
  • Tsubame Hutlery Silver Maple Leaf Chopstick Rest

Black Crystal Mino Ware Japanese Teacup

Mino ware is made of clay from Gifu prefecture, one of the largest producers of stoneware in Japan. One glance at this teacup will tell you why — it's a beautiful piece. The black crystalline glaze contrasts the indigo color giving it a chic visual texture. We recommend buying a pair for your gift. It'll put you just a bit over budget, but the impact when the box is opened will be huge.

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Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Yellow

The yellow gradient and interesting carving make these chopsticks not only look good but feel great in the hand. They are made of Wakasa lacquerware, which has the largest share of the chopstick production in Japan. The best news of all? They're dishwasher-safe, meaning they are as easy to take care of as they are to use. We've provided an easy size guide so you can pick a length that will suit whoever gets to take these home.

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Two Chrysanthemums Mesh Hasami Sauce Plate

Two plates in one, this Hasami ware sauce plate is shaped to resemble chrysanthemum flowers and provides an easy way to serve small items with your main dish. One is a crisp white, while the other is painted with a traditional petal pattern. Together, they add a delightful accent to any table setting, holding sauces, pickles, olives, and more. Your side dish-loving friends will want to pick this.

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Neko Chigura Cat Mino Ware Round Plate

Cat lovers are going to find themselves fighting for this adorable plate. It's Mino ware, meaning it's made of high-quality clay for a durable item, and this size is just right for small servings like side salads, fruit, snacks, and more. Choose from four kawaii cat paintings on the plate's surface, carefully designed in a traditional indigo blue. 

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Tsubame Hutlery Silver Maple Leaf Chopstick Rest

Is there a motif that feels more cold weather than the mighty maple leaf? Made of stainless steel with a silvery finish, this chopstick rest is made in Tsubame Sanjo, where 90% of Japanese domestic metal tableware is created. It's finished to be a little rough for a sleek matte finish, and at this price point, you can easily pick up two for a set, and watch as the partygoers strategize to get their hands on them.

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