Tasei Kiln Awaji Knot Arita Chopstick Rest

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Color: Gold

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The shiny, glossy surface and hand-drawn lines are very beautiful on this chopstick rest. The surface is uneven to match the design, giving it a modern and luxurious look.

The colored lines are carefully hand-painted by craftsmen, and since they are hand-painted, they are not exactly the same.

The colors are available in gold, silver, and red.

Since it is a congratulatory motif, it is recommended as a wedding gift, housewarming gift, etc.

[Awaji Knot]

The "Awaji" knot is also known as the abalone knot because of its resemblance to the shape of an abalone shell.

This knot is also seen in wedding gift decorations. When both ends are pulled, the knot is strongly tied, which is thought to mean long-lasting relationship. It is the basic knot for all good and bad luck, including Shinto and Buddhist rituals.


  • Dimension: 6.3cm(2.5in) x 3.8cm(1.5in) x 1.3cm(0.5in)
  • Material: Porcelain- Arita ware
  • Brand: Tasei Kiln
  • Origin: Made in Japan

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Tasei Kiln has been producing Arita Ware in Saga Prefecture for many years.

The pottery brings color and enjoyment to our daily lives during the four seasons, and the many dishes that decorate various dining tables, sometimes brilliantly, sometimes chicly, incorporate tradition and new techniques, making the pottery environmentally friendly. In the overglaze painting process, they use lead-free paints developed by Arita in consideration of safety. These products can be used comfortably and safely by everyone from small children to the elderly. Also, the popular design of the bond motif makes these products suitable as gifts for life's milestones, such as marriage and longevity celebrations.

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Arita Ware, made in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, is the oldest porcelain production area in Japan's history. Arita porcelain is characterized by its translucent white porcelain surface, dyeing using "Gosu" (indigo pigment), and gorgeous red painting using glassy overglaze pigments (red, green, yellow, purple, and blue). The pottery is highly durable and is produced in a wide variety of styles, from fine art to daily necessities. It was exported to Europe, where it was prized as fine art and called "white gold".

 Arita Ware is also a prestigious brand that is admired by ceramicists from other regions as a representative porcelain production area.

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