Dog Hasami Wave Mug

JPY ¥3,000

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This unique Japanese mug has a dog's face on the inside and a dog's body and footprints on the outside. The design that looks like an innocent face peeking into a mug sets a bright mood for the dining table.

The unique rim follows the shape of the face. With its humorous design and easy to use size, it is recommended for adults and children as well.

Hasami ware is widely known as a light, durable and easy-to-use tableware among Japanese tableware, and is an indispensable porcelain in both restaurants and homes.

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  • Dimension: D8.2cm(3.2in) x H7.6cm(3in)
  • Capacity: 200ml(6.8oz)
  • Material: Porcelain - Hasami ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan

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About HASAMI ware

Hasami ware is a type of pottery produced in the vicinity of Hasami-cho, located in the north central part of Nagasaki Prefecture, with a history of over 400 years. One of the characteristics of Hasami ware is that there is no fixed technique, so it is possible to make pottery that fits the times. For this reason, Hasami ware comes in a variety of shapes, both large and small, and has a rich variety of designs. Because of the variety of expressions, Hasami ware is loved by people of all ages and genders.