Furoshiki Chirimen

Beautiful "Chirimen(crape)" fabric is dyed in traditional yet modern Japanese colors. It can be used not only for ceremonial occasions such as weddings, but also for wrapping souvenirs and personal belongings in everyday situations.

Features of Chirimen

"Chirimen" is a general term for high-grade fabrics with wrinkles called "Shibo" on the surface of the cloth. Originally, the manufacturing method was introduced from Ming Dynasty by the trade with Spain and Portugal at the end of the 16th century. Later, it spread to various parts of Japan, and each region developed its own unique colors, and today it is well known as a traditional Japanese fabric.

The uneven surface, known as "Shibo," allows the fabric to glide smoothly along the fingertips when wrapped around an item, creating an elegant luster. The motifs of flowers of the four seasons and lucky charms, which are popular in kimono patterns, are dyed in Japanese colors that also have a modern feel. Perfect for special gift wrapping.