Furoshiki Hare Tsutsumi

A furoshiki for wrapping and presenting to celebrate "Hare(happy)" days brilliantly

Red, white, gold, silver, and navy blue for celebratory occasions.

Hare Tsutsumi dyed in red and white, or gold and silver, which are the representative colors of Japanese celebratory events, was designed to celebrate the Hare(happy) occasion in a festive manner by incorporating a message in these traditional and symbolic colors.

Beautiful both unfolded and wrapped.

The main feature of the "Hare Tsutsumi" series is the bold composition of the design. The series pursues beauty not only when it is unfolded, but also when it is wrapped. When wrapped, the contrast of colors is beautiful, and when unfolded, motifs such as plum blossoms, plover, and tortoiseshell appear with a surprise.

A design that blends in with the today's life style.

Although the colors and patterns are traditional, when wrapped, the contrast of red and white or navy blue and white gives a modern and gorgeous impression, blending in with contemporary styles. It is also suitable for wrapping Western-style items such as champagne and cakes.