Higashi Kiln Mimosa Tobe Donburi Bowl M

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A beautiful mimosa design is painted on a white porcelain canvas. Small dots painted in gold are scattered throughout the design, adding a discreet accent to the overall design. The refreshing impression of this Donburi bowl will enlighten your table.

Suitable for rice bowl recipes using about 1 cups (1 gou) of rice. This size could be recognized as regular size for one serving in US. It is also suitable for noodles with soup, such as Udon and Soba. For ramen, it may be a little small for those who want to add a lot of toppings.

It is painted by the female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in Philippines. She uses a unique technique called "Washi-zome" (Japanese paper dyeing) and continues her ideal stoneware-making in Higashi Kiln, one of the kilns of Tobe ware.

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  • Quantity: 1
  • DimensionD16.5cm(6.5in) x H7.3cm(2.87in)
  • Capacity: 790ml(26.7oz)
  • Main Usage: Donburi Rice
  • Material: Porcelain - Tobe ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Higashi Kiln

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Higashi kiln’s style is famous for the glass-like smoothness and the usage of the soft and pastel colors like watercolor paintings, which is not bound by conventional frameworks of Tobe ware.

The painting is performed by female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in Philippines and now work as a painter of the kiln in which her husband is also work as a Tobe ware craftsman.

“A colorful and cute Tobe ware is fun and above all happy, isn’t it? I want to coexist and flourish the traditional style of Tobe ware and the modern painting style”.

She was created her own painting technique and has been continuing her ideal pottery-making for about 40 years.

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About TOBE ware

Tobe ware is a thick white porcelain with blue patterns depicting arabesques and other plants.It is made from a durable material that does not transfer heat easily.
It does not get hot to hold and has the pleasant feature of keeping food from getting cold.
Tobe ware was designated as a "national traditional craft" in the field of ceramics in 1976, the sixth in Japan.