Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Sorisencha Teacup

JPY ¥4,000

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This teacup is designed with a "Tokusa" pattern drawn by hand with a broom-like brush to make the thin blue lines centering to the middle of the cup.

The name "sorisencha" is a word unique to the Hasami area used to describe tea cups. "Sori" means that the mouth of the cup has an outward rim and "sencha" is a local Hasami expression used to describe short tea cups with a wide opening. 

This cup is light and easy to hold. And the thin porcelain with the outward rim gives a comforting touch to the mouth. 

The "Tokusa" series by the Hasami ware company Fukuhou Kiln was first produced in 1976. Since then, it has become a long selling standard item. The "Tokusa" is a pattern of stripes which has been used as a pattern for tableware since ancient times and is a familiar pattern in Japan. 

The "Tokusa" series has a variety of items for the dining table, such as plates in different sizes, rice bowls, teacups, and Sake cups. We hope you will enjoy setting your table with matching items from the "Tokusa" series.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D9.5cm(3.7in) x H5.5cm(2.2in)
  • Capacity: 160ml(5.4oz) 
  • Material: Porcelain - Hasami ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Fukuhou Kiln


Fukuhou Kiln is a 50-year-old Hasami ware kiln, famous for its skilled hand-painted "Sometsuke" and "Akae" products. If you entered the studio and looked at the works of the artisans of Fukuhou Kiln, you would realize that even the most delicate and subtle lines were drawn without hesitation. It is truly craftsmanship. Among the many Hasami ware kilns, Fukuhou kiln has an established reputation for the delicate painting of the "Tokusa"(vertical stripe) pattern, and this series has become a long seller.

In recent years, Hasami ware has gained popularity for its ease of use and modern style and has been attracting attention among Japanese young people. This Fukuhou kiln has also succeeded in combining traditional techniques with modern needs. The tableware is easy to use, has a warm shape, and is stylish enough to complement your food, making you want to use it every day.

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About HASAMI ware

Hasami ware is a type of pottery produced in the vicinity of Hasami-cho, located in the north central part of Nagasaki Prefecture, with a history of over 400 years. One of the characteristics of Hasami ware is that there is no fixed technique, so it is possible to make pottery that fits the times. For this reason, Hasami ware comes in a variety of shapes, both large and small, and has a rich variety of designs. Because of the variety of expressions, Hasami ware is loved by people of all ages and genders.