Hozan Kiln Sangiri Bizen Ware Vase With Handle

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A uniquely styled vase with a rope patterned handle. 

Just before turning off the fire in the kiln, charcoal is sprinkled onto some parts of the surface creating a bluish shade on the earthy tones of the vase. Turn the vase around and the find the color and shade that fits the flower you are arranging or the decor of where you are placing it.  

A beautiful item to decorate a room with seasonal flowers or display it as an home decor item. The deep, multi-colored earth tones blend in well in a room with a natural theme or even a stylish contemporary vibe. 

Hozan Kiln is a long-established Bizen pottery kiln located in Imbe, Bizen City, the hometown of Bizen Ware. For Bizen Ware, there were six families that had been under the protection of the shogunate (government) since the 17th century. Hozan Kiln is known as one of them and continues to this day as the legitimate successor of Bizen Ware. 


  • Dimension:  D7cm(2.8in) x H24cm(9.5in) handle included
  • Material: Stoneware  
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Bizen Ware
  • Brand: Hozan Kiln

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About BIZEN ware
"The Art of the Clay and Fire"

Bizen Ware is a traditional stoneware produced in the Ibe area of Okayama Prefecture. It is one of the oldest ceramics in Japan, and is made using the “Yakishime" technique, in which pieces are fired at high temperatures without glaze to make them durable and water-resistant.

Bizen Ware is called "the art of clay and fire" for the exquisite colors and patterns produced by the kiln's flames, and is characterized by its minimalist, "wabi-sabi" design.