Kakinuma Ningyo Pink Edo Kimekomi Doll Daruma

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Fulfill your wishes and bring good fortune to your home with this delightful pink "Daruma" doll from Kakinuma Ningyo. 

A Daruma doll is a type of Japanese good luck doll which has been traditionally used to deliver good fortune and help achieve one's goal. It is customary when acquiring the doll, to make a wish and fill in the left eye. And once the wish comes true or goal is achieve, the other eye is then filled in. 

The traditional round shape of the Daruma doll makes it incredibly endearing. And the intricately woven patters of its beautiful Nishijin Ori Brocade dressing further enhances its charm. The soft pink hue of the fabric with colorful flowers gives this Daruma doll comforting appeal and can be an eye-soothing addition to a side table or shelf placed on its accompanying purple cushion.

This Daruma doll is specially crafted using the technique of "Edo Kimekomi Dolls" which are Japanese traditional dolls made by embedding the ends of the fabric in grooves carved into the wooden base of the body.

Kimekomi Dolls were originally created in Kyoto in the late 1740s, and following the subsequent development of Edo, doll makers moved from Kyoto and spread their craft. Today, these dolls are still made by hand in the traditional way, and are designated as a traditional craft by the national government. 

Established in 1950, Kakinuma Ningyo is a manufacturer specializing in crafting Edo Kimekomi Dolls. While pursuing a variety of original techniques, the studio has been eager to create innovative dolls that match the sense of beauty of the times. Their new styles of Kimekomi Dolls such as Lucky cats and Hello Kitty, is a traditional yet brand-new form, and is attracting renewed attention as a home decor item.


  • Quantity: 1 Daruma doll, 2 black felt stickers(for eyes), 1 cushion
  • Dimension[Daruma]10cm(3.9in) x 11.5cm(4.5in)x H9.5cm(3.7in) /[Cushion]11cm(4.3in) x 11cm(4.3in)
  • MaterialUrethane resin, fabric 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Edo Kimekomi Doll
  • Brand: Kakinuma Ningyo 


Kakinuma Doll was established in 1950 as a workshop specializing in Edo Kimekomi dolls. While pursuing a variety of original techniques, the studio has been eager to create innovative dolls that match the sense of beauty of the times. The appeal of Edo Kimekomi Dolls created by Kakinuma Ningyo is its carefully selected materials, creative use of shapes and colors, and its constant exploration of new doll styles that are not overly traditional.

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Edo Kimekomi Dolls are small wooden dolls made of paulownia wood and dressed in traditional Japanese silk textiles. Originating in Kyoto, Kimekomi Dolls were introduced to Edo (present-day Tokyo) and developed in their own unique style. These extremely finely crafted figures are beloved as souvenirs rooted in Japanese traditions.The traditional costumes of Kimekomi Dolls are reproductions of imperial court dress from the 8th to 12th centuries Japan and have attracted doll collectors from around the world.