Sekiryu Diamond Pattern Black Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner

JPY ¥12,000

Fill your room with the fresh rich aroma of roasted Japanese tea leaves with this smoky black Tokoname Ware Chakoro Tea Incense Burner.  

A Chakoro is a fairly new type of incense burner where Japanese tea leaves and twigs placed on a plate are slowly roasted under a candle in an incense burner. "Cha" means "tea" and "koro" means incense burner in Japanese. Our Chakoro includes a burner base, one plate, a candle holder and a wooden trivet. The set also comes with one tealight candle. 

The burner has a dark black matte surface decorated with five diamond shaped patterns and evenly set three small holes on its sides. When the burner is lit, you can enjoy the elegant shadows created by the carved out designs adding to the relaxing atmosphere. 

Set the Chakoro on a flat surface and place one spoonful(2g) of Japanese tea leaves on the top plate and then light the candle on the holder. You should slowly start to smell the rich aroma of the roasted tea leaves after 5 to 6 minutes the candle is lit. We recommend that you use Japanese tea leaves specially packaged for Chakoro-use to fully enjoy the rich aroma of Japanese tea leaves.

Japanese tea leaves contain a substance that when heated has a relaxing effect on the brain and improves blood flow. The fragrance from a Chakoro is subtle and delicate. It brings about a feel of nostalgia and calm serenity. The aroma of Japanese tea leaves also has a deodorizing effect that naturally eliminates any odors in a room.

This Chakoro is made with Tokoname Ware which is well-known for its beautifully natural smooth texture and minimalistic form. Tokoname is one of the six traditional ceramics production areas in Japan known as the “Rokkoyo (Six Old Kilns)." 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: [Burner(without plate)] D11cm(4.3in) x H13cm(5.1in)/[Plate] D7.8cm(3.1in) x H1.8cm(0.7in)/[Candle holder(without handle)] 5.7cm(2.2in) x H2.5cm(1.0in)/[Wooden trivet] 12cm(4.7in) x 12cm(4.7in) x H1cm(0.4in)
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Tokoname Ware
  • NotesDo not place the Chakoro near any flammable items when in use. Do not touch the burner or top plate when in use and wait until they are cooled before handling.


Tokoname Ware is one of the six traditional ceramic production areas in Japan known as the “Rokkoyo (Six Old Kilns)", and has been supporting the culture of Japanese life with its beautifully smooth earthenware which fired by high temperature.

Especially the tea ware produced from the excellent potter's wheel technique and the high quality red clay called “Shudei" is a classic, favorite tool for Japanese. 

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