Nishimoto Ippuku Series

Explore the Ippuku series from Nishimoto, renowned for their Yamanaka lacquerware tea utensils. This matcha tea set, designed for easy enjoyment of matcha's taste and ambiance, embodies enjoying ippuku, which means a cup of tea.

Each item in the set, which includes a matcha bowl chawan, a natsume (matcha container), a small footed plate, a tea scoop, a matcha whisk, a matcha whisk holder, a coaster, and a furoshiki (wrapping cloth), is meticulously crafted.

This set is ideal for hosting guests at home or for a solitary, calming tea session. It is also perfect for outdoor activities like camping and picnics, allowing you to enjoy matcha in your own style.

A Refined Matcha Tea Set for a Modern Lifestyle

The Ippuku series is a premium matcha tea set for those who cherish the taste and ambiance of matcha. Embodying the concept of enjoying ippuku, these exquisite sets comprises all the essentials that will ensure a luxurious and authentic tea experience. Seamlessly blending traditional elegance with modern functionality, the Ippuku series is designed to provide a stylish and personalized matcha experience, suitable for any setting.


Matcha Mastery in an Instant

With the Ippuku series, an authentic matcha-drinking moment is at your fingertips. Each comprehensive set includes a matcha bowl chawan, a natsume, a small plate, a tea scoop, a matcha whisk, and more, which will equip you for a traditional tea experience with ease.

Ideal for both beginners and enthusiasts, it brings the elegance and ritual of the Japanese tea culture into your daily life, ready to be unfolded at a moment's notice.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship shines in every piece from the Ippuku series.

Hailing from the artisan-rich Yamanaka area of Ishikawa Prefecture, known for its traditional craft, Yamanaka lacquerware, each item reflects a commitment to quality. Every piece is not only functional but also represents Japan's time-honored tea culture. 

Portability for Outdoor Enjoyment

The Ippuku series brings a new dimension to enjoying matcha outdoors. Perfect for those who appreciate peaceful moments in nature, this set is a great companion for outdoor activities such as picnics and camping.

Its compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability. With the furoshiki that can be wrapped with a simple button, you can indulge in a tranquil matcha experience anywhere, from a lively city park to a secluded spot in a garden.

Pattern Perfection: Customizing Your Tea Experience

The tea sets in the Ippuku series are offered in a variety of furoshiki patterns, allowing you to choose one that best suits your style.

Each pattern adds a personalized touch, transforming your tea set into not just a utility but an expression of your individual taste.