Gyokko Smoky Black Tokoname Japanese Teapot 4.1oz(120ml)-Sasame and Ceramesh

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This is a Tokonome ware teapot with a smoky black color.

This teapot has a wide base, which allows the tea leaves to spread out easily and draws out the rich flavor of the tea.

While retaining the natural atmosphere of clay, the polished and smooth texture and the minimalistic form cultivated through a long tradition convey an elegant atmosphere. The lids of Tokoname Teapot are known for their tight fit and airtightness, which allows the tea to slowly draw out its flavor.

Tokoname ware has the largest share of Teapot production in Japan. Tokoname ware is located in the southwest of Aichi Prefecture and is one of the six major ceramic production areas in Japan, known as the “Rokkoyo (Six Old Kilns)". The smooth and beautiful earthenware fired at high temperatures has supported the life and tea culture of Japan.

It has a "Sasame"/"Ceramesh" strainer, which is recommended to fully enjoy the aroma of tea. It is made with elaborate molds and new ceramic technology This type of tea strainer is known for less clogging of tea leaves and smooth tea pouring.

With its size and the ceramic strainer, this teapot is especially suitable for Gyokuro(refined green tea). 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: 13cm(5.1in) x16cm(6.3in) x5cm(2in)
  • Capacity: 120ml(4.1oz)
  • Strainer Type: Sasame and Ceramesh
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Origin: Tokoname Ware
  • Recommended Tea Leaf:  Gyokuro (refined green tea)

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Gyokko produces teapots that are finished with a potter's wheel, refining the family's traditional style and artisanal skills. In addition to the authentic Tokoname style of Shudei red clay, Gyokko also pursues new colors of clay such as white and green, as well as new designs. There are the work of the Japanese master of the wheel throwing technique.


Tokoname Ware is one of the six traditional ceramic production areas in Japan known as the “Rokkoyo (Six Old Kilns)", and has been supporting the culture of Japanese life with its beautifully smooth Earthen Ware which fired by high temperature.

Especially the tea ware produced from the excellent potter's wheel technique and the high quality red clay called “Shudei" is a classic, favorite tool for Japanese. 

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