Chibu Wave with Gold Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup

JPY ¥23,400
Color: Green

This premium handmade "Guinomi" Sake cup features a traditional clematis pattern. Each piece is decorated with "Aochibu / Shirochibu", one of the remarkable painting techniques of Kutani ware began in the Taisho era.

It is created by a Kutani ware artist, Ms. Manami Ueno, who works under Masahiro Uchida, a master craftsman of the Aochibu / Shirochibu style.

The round shape of the cup is easy to hold and has a soft and graceful atmosphere, and the dots and gold color painted in Chibu style are thick and have a different texture from porcelain when touched, conveying the quality of handpainting.

The smooth texture of porcelain feels relaxing and soft to your mouth, bringing out the rich yet delicate taste of Sake. This sake cup gives a comforting elegant atmosphere to your dining room or home bar. Perfect for a special occasion when enjoying with family and guests, and also an amazing gift for your loved one.


  • Dimension: D5.5cm(2.2in) x H5cm(2in)
  • Capacity: 60ml(2oz)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Ms. Manami Ueno
  • Notes: Special wooden box included


    Aochibu/Shirochibu Style

    This style was developed in the Taisho era(1912-1926). Small dots in blue or white are applied to the colored background to create a special texture. A great deal of skill is required to apply in small dots the same size, evenly spaced, and the same color.

    Ms. Manami Ueno

    Manami Ueno is a female artist who works under Masahiro Uchida, a master craftsman of the Aochibu/Shirochibu style.

    With regard to Aochibu/Shirochibu style, each dot is painstakingly stippled by hand which require the patience and precision for craftsman. It is also characterized by an elegant finish with clematis flowers painted by gold.