MERU Jade Spume Mino Ware Round Plate 8in

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This is an easy-to-use plate characterized by a moody green color, reminiscent of a deep forest. Instead of shiny, bright gems, the design is chic and modern, featuring subdued tones and matte textures like Jade gemstones.

The deep green tones go well with warm-colored foods such as red, yellow, and orange. Even a few bright colors, such as tomatoes, can make a dish stand out even more.

Measuring D20.4cm(8in), it is suitable for use as a serving dish for a group of several people or as a main plate. 

Multiple glazes of different properties are crossed to create a unique, deep, layered color. Because it is more difficult to adjust the tint than those using a single glaze, years of wisdom and experience are required.

The flat bottom and raised rim shape make it easy to serve and suitable for foods with a lot of liquid. The simple yet trendy shape makes it ideal for both everyday use and for those seeking a restaurant-like atmosphere.

The Jade series is also available in other sizes and shapes. 

MERU was launched in 2022 as a new brand of Mino ware, known as the number one stoneware production area in Japan.
MERU's tableware is suitable for professional use, and while it has the colors and shapes of traditional Japanese tableware underneath, it is simple and modern, suitable for all kinds of food.


  • Quantity: 1
  • DimensionD20.4cm(8in) x H4.1cm(1.6in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Mino ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: MERU


Marukuni Ito is a ceramics wholesaler that has supported the Mino ware market share for over 70 years. The contemporary Mino ware brand MERU, produced by Marukuni Ito in 2022, is the finest tableware, a crystallization of the joy of handicraft and the pride of craftsmanship, which makes the most of the skills and characteristics of each Mino ware craftsman.

About mino ware

Mino ware is a type of pottery in which many colors and designs have been created to suit the times and people's tastes. Therefore, Mino ware has a variety of techniques and diverse looks and textures.
Mino ware is made using the soil of Gifu Prefecture, known as Japan's largest producer of pottery, and is easily blended into our daily life. The diverse designs and styles of Mino ware, which have changed their shapes to suit the trends of the times and people's lifestyles, are the most attractive and unique of all pottery.