Kiyohide Glass Green Flower Petals Edo Kiriko Cut Glass Guinomi Sake Cup

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The sake cup boasts a design reminiscent of a blossoming flower. The center of its base is hexagonal, while the sides are adorned with a chrysanthemum-linked pattern.

It is entirely handcrafted by the traditional craftsman, Kiyohide. The unusual bright green hue of the Edo Kiriko cut glass complements the design, evoking a sense of modernity and individuality within tradition.

Despite the intricate appearance of cutting work, the process is brought to completion by his fluid and smooth motions, honed over decades of training. The meticulous patterns change expressions with lighting, emanating a delicate glow that captivates the viewer, whether under natural light or when illuminated in darkness.

The surface's texture ensures that the glass doesn't easily slip from your grasp, and the round form, combined with the moderate weight, makes it ergonomic.

Made of glass for a smooth drinking experience, it is perfect for slowly savoring chilled sake. This piece embodies the chic and pleasant sake time unique to Edo Kiriko.

It comes with a beautiful box made of paulownia wood, light and suitable for storing the cup in a great condition. Also, it makes them perfect for gift-giving.

This sake cup is made with a craft technique called Edo Kiriko, which involves the precise cutting of crystal against a cutting wheel, to create geometric shapes and lines that catch the light from every angle. Each Edo Kiriko sake cup is made by hand by the artisan Kiyohide in his workshop called Kirameki, which means “The Refined Light.” Kiyohide has honed his craft over decades of dedication, earning him the title of “Edo Kiriko Craftsperson,” an honor reserved only for those who have proved their craftsmanship of the technique.


  • Quantity: 1 
  • Dimension: D6cm(2.4in) x H5cm(2.0in)
  • Box Size: 9cm(3.5in) x 9cm(3.5in) x H7.5cm(3.0in)
  • Capacity: 70ml(2.4oz)
  • Material: Glass
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Edo Kiriko Glass
  • Brand: Kiyohide Glass


Passing on the traditional technique of hand-polishing, Kiyohide's glassware possesses an intriguing shine that captivates the beholder. As a certified member of the privileged Edo Kiriko Cooperative Association and a nationally acclaimed craftsperson, Kiyohide presents us with the utmost refined and sophisticated designs in the art of crystal glassware.

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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is also a center of craftsmanship. Among them, Edo Glass and Edo Kiriko are traditional Japanese Glassware that have been handed down for about 200 years in Edo City, the old name for the central area of Tokyo.These beautifully shining glasswares have been refined in Japan's largest consumer city, carrying on the good old Japanese tradition into the modern age.

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