Table Setting #31 A Casual Ramen Lunch With Tobe Ware

A casual Ramen lunch with an attractive bowl of Tobe ware with bold brush strokes. The durable, think shape is practical and perfect for hot Ramen.

For casual and simple Ramen dish, I chose a bowl of Tobe ware with a bold design. The red line on the inside is an eye catching point. It is thick enough so that you won't get burned even if you serve hot Ramen. It is sturdy and well-designed, making it a perfect bowl for daily use.

For cutlery, I chose twisted chopsticks and chopstick rests from Ihoshiro Kiln. By matching the colors with the rice bowl, a sense of unity is created. The spoon for soup is also from Tobe ware. A saucer is included in the set, so you can use it without making a mess on the table.

The design and texture of the translucent white porcelain, a characteristic of Tobe ware, goes well with both hot and cold dishes. Add color to your everyday dishes with the bold and beautiful hand-drawn arabesques.