Table Setting #32 The Autumnal Fish Grilled Set Meal 

This is a set meal of grilled fish that reminds us of the coming of autumn. The main dish is a Tobe ware square plate with hand-painted indigo stripes on the rim.

I chose a large square plate of Tobe ware for the main dish, salt grilled fish. The bold indigo lines on the rim add a beautiful touch to this simple dish. The square dish works well as a sushi plate, sashimi plate, or tempura plate.It can also be used for appetizers.

I chose indigo, white, and deep green as the theme colors for the entire dish to match the main square plate and wooden tray. The small bowls for side dishes are deep green to match the theme colors and are in a lovely chrysanthemum shape. It is just the right depth for serving simmered and vinegar dishes, seasoned dishes and etc. 

Pork rolls with Shiso and water kimchi are served on this unique small plate shaped like two chrysanthemums put together. Besides serving small side dishes, the shape and design are perfect for serving seasonings such as green onions, horseradish, grated ginger and sesame, which are often eaten with soy sauce when eating Sashimi or Sushi.