Table Setting #33
Why Don't You Try Japanese Plate Lunch?

A fun plate lunch with gorgeous old Imari piled on top of a modern and stylish Hibino platter. Colorful side dishes on a chic black plate are a feast for the eyes!

For a plate lunch, I chose this stylish matte black plate from Hibino. The matte black color brings out the vivid colors of the food. When serving a variety of dishes on a single plate, place them along the edge of the plate to create a cohesive look. If you are using a round plate, place it in a round shape. If you are using a square plate, place it in a square shape for a gorgeous and beautiful appearance.

In the center of the plate is old Imari small bowls.This gorgeous Japanese small bowl with a chrysanthemum motif is a modern interpretation of the traditional classical patterns of old Imari, and makes the whole dish look gorgeous.

I chose chopstick rests with a cute Shiba-dog motif from Ihoshiro Kiln. They will make a fun lunch companion. They are sure to become a little topic of conversation at the dinning table.