Table Setting #34
The Perfect Combination! Cold Udon Noodles and Tobe Ware Donburi

A refreshing table setting for cold Udon noodles with a Tobe ware bowl with bold hand-drawn arabesques. The cool indigo color stimulates the appetite even more!

I chose a Tobe ware bowl with a solid thickness for the cold Udon noodles. The dynamic pattern on the inside of the bowl makes a casual lunch more delightful. The size of the bowl is also suitable for serving salads, vegetables, and simmered dishes such as meat and potatoes.

I chose blue and white porcelain chopstick rests to match the color of the bowl. The chopstick rest is one of a set of five chopstick rests that together form a single design. For the chopsticks, I chose Yamanaka lacquer chopsticks, which have a unique twisted shape. The uneven surface makes them easy to hold without slipping. The luster of the lacquer stands out, giving the form a sense of delicacy and strength.

Yamanaka lacquer coasters are very useful not only for cold Japanese tea, but also for hot tea. The glossy luster and deep color will make the color of the tea more vivid.