Table Setting #44
Authentic Table Setting for Donburi Rice Bowl Dishes

A simple Donburi rice bowl lunch can look elegant and sophisticated when served on a chic Yamanaka lacquer half-moon tray.

For the main dish, I chose a light-weight Donburi rice bowl made of Hasami ware. It is just the right size for Gyudon(rice bowl with beef), Tendon(rice bowl with Tempura), Soba or Udon. It is elegant with grapes painted on the inside of the bowl. The deep indigo color blends well with any kinds of dishes and makes them look delicious.

For the salad, I chose a Kutani ware bowl. It is tall and has a wide opening, so it is perfect for serving side dishes such as simmered dishes and stir-fries.

For the chopstick rest, I chose Kutani ware chopstick rests with red Fuji painted on it. This is a very popular and auspicious motif in Japan. For the chopsticks, I chose Ishida's Kokusen chopsticks, which have a long, thick form and are the perfect size for people with large hands. The gold lines on the chopsticks give them a very stylish look.