Table Setting #47
Warm Japanese Sweets Time

Enjoy a treat moment with hot green tea and Japanese sweets. Aizu lacquered soup bowls with lids make the usual sweets time extra special. It is an elegant table setting with a unified Sakura (cherry blossom) motif.

For Oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup with Mochi), one of the most popular Japanese sweets, I chose a soup bowl with a lid made of Aizu lacquerware. It is a gorgeous soup bowl with a Sakura motif painted on it, and everyone at the table must feel excited when they open the lid. These bowls are perfect not only for soups such as miso soup and Japanese style clear soup, but also for Japanese sweets such as Zenzai (A sweet red bean soup) and Anmitsu (syrup-covered bean jam and fruit).

I chose a teacup with red Fuji and Sakura on it for Sencha (green tea). The teacups and small plates are also decorated with Sakura motifs to match the bowls. This teacup has a rough texture and feels comfortable in the hand. Please hold a warm teacup in your hand and enjoy a relaxing time.

I chose a spoon made by Yamanaka lacquerware, which has beautiful curves. The black color matches the bowl for a unified look. This spoon is just the right size for eating Japanese sweets, and it is also perfect for "Chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard) and soups with many ingredients. The smooth surface will also make your food more palatable.