Table Setting #53
Tea Time Filled With Sakura

Throw a casual tea party with this Sakura(cherry blossoms) motif tea set. The pale pink color of this table setting brings a spring feel.

For the Kyusu, I chose Tokoname ware, a nuanced green color. Fuji and Sakura (cherry blossoms) are painted on it, representing Japanese spring. The soft color makes it easy to match with any table setting. The tea strainer part is made of belt-shaped mesh, which prevents it from clogging and easy to pour out quickly.

I chose a teacup made of Mino ware. It has a soft gradation of white, pink, and green with a fine pattern of Sakura petals. It is very elegant and brings out the color of the green tea even more.

The tea canister for storing the tea leaves for Japanese tea was chosen from the Yatsuyanagi, the manufacturer of Akita cherry bark work. The cherry bark in different shades is interspersed on top of the beautiful plain bark to create a pattern. The lustrous surface is very elegant and makes a perfect gift.