Table Setting #54
Relaxing time to enjoy spending time by yourself

The uniquely shaped flat teapot is perfect for spending superb tea time with special tea leaves. It's a great way to relax and enjoy a cup of tea that you can slowly make just for yourself.

Tokoname ware flat teapots are perfect for those of you who want to have a special time. The wider the base of the Kyusu, the easier it is for the tea leaves to spread out and the more the components of the tea are drawn out. Tokoname ware's red mud easily absorbs catechins and reduces astringency. In addition, the iron oxide contained in the raw materials of the Kyusu reacts with the tannin, a component of tea, to remove the bitterness of the tea and create a mellow and delicious taste. This is the ultimate form for maximizing the flavor of Japanese tea.

I chose a Hasami ware chrysanthemum plate for the sweets. The thin red lines give it an elegant look. The chrysanthemum plate makes Japanese sweets and tea more gorgeous . For the cutlery, I chose a crane shaped fork made by Masatake. With its graceful curves and red dots, it goes well with any Japanese sweets.

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