Table Setting #6 "Omotenashi" Shokado Bento Box

How about entertaining your guests with a bento box like this? Choose a lacquerware bowl and chopstick rest that match the theme to convey more hospitality!

"Shokado" bento box is regarded as stylish and formal style of bento which also can be seen in a Kaiseki restaurants in Japan. With its partition, you can enjoy setting various small bowls or plates in it. You can also serve the dishes directly on it, which will look gorgeous and sophisticated. 

This set of small plates is in the shape of a cherry blossom. Each plate is a slightly different shade of pink and depicts traditional Japanese motifs such as wave plover, arrow pattern, and hemp leaves.

This is a versatile small deep dish that can be used for both meals and tea time. The detailed patterns are beautifully drawn, perfect for serving small side dishes.

A cute chopstick rest with golden snow falling on a pastel-colored Mount Fuji.It comes in a set of five, so you can use them when you have family or guests over. They make a perfect accent for your table.