Table Setting #7 Seasonal Side Dishes in a Bamboo Basket

Bamboo baskets are a great way to arrange a summer table setting. When you serve chirashi-zushi and vinegared food on beautiful small plates and put them in a bamboo basket, you can create an exciting surprise for your guests when opening the lid. It can also be used as a container for small goods or to store a tea or sake set, and is a great interior decoration!

A pretty cup with a golden rim. It is perfect for soups, yogurt, ice cream and many other dishes. The rabbit is believed to be a symbol of progress as it is always moving forward. This cup is one of our most popular products, available in several patterns including dove, cat, turtle, dragon, elephant, goldfish, and pig.

The soup bowl designed following the traditional Japanese food culture inherited from generation to generation. This beautiful curved shape adds a touch of elegance to your table.Based on traditional Japanese aesthetic senses, they pursue simple and universally beautiful shapes, refining the design to the utmost limit.

This is a small bowl with elegant flowers on it. Perfect for serving side dishes, yogurt, and desserts.It comes in a set of five, so it can be used for everyday family use or for parties with guests.