Easy 3 Steps for Japanese Style Dinner Setting

Here are the 3 basic steps we take when thinking about Japanese table setting.
Anyone can easily achieve an authentic Japanese dining style. Let's try!

  • Decide the theme of your table setting
  • Choose the theme color
  • Place on the tray (Optional)

Decide the theme of your table setting

  • Choose the one theme that most closely matches the style you want to achieve.
  • If you already have a specific dish in mind, I suggest selecting an image that is closest to your piece.

Traditional and elegant

Stylish and modern

Casual and everyday

Natural and organic

Select the theme color

  • Once you have chosen a theme, you can start looking for your favorite one and check the main and sub colors in it.
  • When choosing the rest of the tableware, it works best if you can fit in roughly upto 3-4 colors.

Tips | The color filter on the product list will help you to select items!

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STEP 3 (optional)
Place on the tray

  • When thinking about the layout of your tableware, trays are very useful.
  • It will look nicer if you place it according to the shape of the tray as shown below.

Half Moon Tray

Rectangle Tray

Round Shaped Tray

The point is to align them with the edge.
If you don't have a wooden tray, you can use your own luncheon mat for the same purpose.

It's Time to create your table!

How did you like it? Now you are ready to create your own table set.
We hope you enjoy creating your own Japanese style dinner setting at home!

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