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The students who attend the cooking class will remember the joy and excitement of having created a wonderful dish with their own hands at the end of the class.

When they can recreate the wonderful dishes at home to entertain their families and guests, they will feel absolutely glad that they participated in the cooking class.

And some of them might feel that it would be even better if they had a nice bowl just seen in the cooking class.

As the phrase "the tableware is the kimono of the dish" suggests, in Japan, the choice of tableware is just as important as the presentation of the dish.

We heard that many students of the recipe media and cooking schools we are currently collaborating with frequently ask the same question: where they can buy the tableware that they used.

However, not many people can find a good way to buy beautiful Japanese tableware at outside of Japan.

Through our brand, MUSUBI KILN, we deliver traditional Japanese tableware from all over Japan to people in more than 180 countries around the world.

About 5,000 pieces of our Japanese tableware reach the hands of people overseas every month, and we are happy that they are very satisfied with our products.

In our philosophy, our goal is not only for customers to buy Japanese tableware, but also for them to enjoy using it.

Therefore, we thought that if we could work together with expert of cooking who "tell people how to enjoy dining" and we can assist in choosing tableware, it would be a great help for people to enjoy Japanese food and tableware more deeply.

Based on our experience in working with recipe media and cooking schools, we have developed several ideas for collaboration, including offering special prices for tableware and mutual marketing.

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