Issou Stone Pavement Ebony Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 23cm/9.1in

USD $47

These beautiful Wakasa lacquer chopsticks are made of ebony and designed with a stone pavement pattern. The top is coated with urethane, but the area that touches the mouth is made of natural lacquer.

Decorating the lacquer with abalone shells is a technique called "Kai-zogan" (shell inlay), one of the traditional techniques of Wakasa lacquerware. The nacreous layer of the abalone shell changes its expression depending on the angle of the light.

Ebony is characterized by its fine, heavy, and hard wood surface, and is known to become more lustrous the more it is polished. Because of these characteristics, ebony has been widely used as chopsticks, but due to the extremely slow growth of ebony and the effects of over-logging, ebony is now a rare species that is difficult to obtain. 

The square shape is neat and the ebony and shell inlay give it a luxurious feel, and it is recommended for special occasions such as inviting guests. We also recommend these chopsticks not only as a gift for a loved one. 

It is made by Ishida, which has been making Wakasa lacquerware for more than eighty years. Wakasa lacquerware is a traditional craft of Obama, Fukui Prefecture that has been around since the early Edo period. 

There are 6 different patterns in total, so you can choose your favorite one or use different patterns with your family.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: 23cm/9.1in
  • Material: Wood, abalone shell
  • Coating: [Upper part]Urethane resin, [Bottom part]  Lacquer 
  • Origin: Made in Japan- Wakasa Lacquerware
  • Brand: Issou

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