Kurosuri Yamanaka Lacquerware Reusable Chopsticks 23cm/9in with Kutani Chopstick Rest

JPY ¥4,200

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The set includes Yamanaka lacquer reusable chopsticks and Kutani ware chopstick rest, both are products from Ishikawa Prefecture. The combination of black lacquer chopsticks and geometric chopstick rest gives a traditional meets modern Japanese feel.

The lacquer is applied on a chopsticks in a way that preserves the grain of the wood and has a moderate roughness that prevents slipping. 

The chopstick rest features Japanese traditional patterns painted in Ko-Kutani style.

This combined set of two traditional crafts makes a great gift for someone or for yourself. 

This set is also available in a red color with chopstick rests with different patterns.


  • Quantity: 1 set of chopsticks and chopstick rest
  • Dimension(chopsticks): 23cm(9in)
  • Dimension(chopstick rest): 4cm(1.6in) x 3.4cm(1.3in) x H1.1cm(0.4in)
  • Material: Wood and Porcelain - Yamanaka Lacquerware and Seikou Kiln
  • Coating: Lacquer
  • Origin: Made in Japan



Ko-Kutani is one of the most traditional style of Kutani Ware. It’s characteristics are a mighty and lovely design and flowing hairline with five colors of paint (green, yellow, red, purple, dark blue). The style attracts by its dynamic subtle charm. This style prospered under the guidance of Morikage Kusumi, expert of the Kanoschool of Japanese painting.

about yamanaka lacquerware

Yamanaka lacquerware is produced in the Yamanaka Onsen area of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and has a history of about 400 years.
The traditional techniques of Yamanaka lacquerware were highly evaluated and became known throughout Japan, despite a period of temporary interruption.
It is characterized by the use of wood grain patterns to express a natural texture, and is made with great attention to detail.
It was designated as a traditional craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1975.