5 April 2024

A Sweet Journey into Matcha Treats 

Nestled within the tranquil tea ceremonies of Japan, matcha gently calms and comforts the senses with its fresh flavor, lush verdant hue, and tranquil aroma. This age-old powder, long cherished and revered as a prized jewel of a culturally rich beverage, has gracefully made its way onto the culinary stage, earning newfound affection as an exquisite ingredient in sweets.

This transition from beverage to confection has ignited a green revolution in kitchens and cafes alike, elevating treats to new levels of enjoyment.


  • In the World of Wagashi
  • Globally Inspired Creations
  • Matcha Magic in Snackland
  • Mastering Matcha in Your Kitchen

In the World of Wagashi

Matcha's journey into the essence of wagashi, traditional Japanese confections, remarkably enriches each piece with its uniqueness. This harmonious melding with wagashi underscores matcha's versatility and its remarkable capacity to infuse a refreshing twist.

Warabi mochi, a delicacy with over 1200 years of history, derives its distinct jelly-like consistency from the starch found in warabi "bracken" roots. Undergoing a meticulous process of heating, arduous mixing and cooling, it receives its characteristic firm yet tender texture. Matcha adds a rich layer of taste to the otherwise mild warabi mochi.

Nama-yatsuhashi, a relatively new star in the wagashi world introduced about 60 years ago, combines rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon into a dough that offers the chewy satisfaction of mochi with a distinctive bite. Usually sprinkled with kinako "soybean powder," the matcha version of nama-yatsuhashi becomes the perfect blanket for the red bean filling.

The term nama, translating to "raw," sets it apart from its baked, crunchier sibling. Often spotted served at tea houses and sold at shops of Kyoto, this triangular treat invites you to savor a piece of Kyoto's tradition.

Globally Inspired Creations

Matcha has woven its way into the realm of global sweets as well, offering a novel flair on everything from chocolates to cakes. This matcha wave seems to have begun with the innovation of matcha ice cream, and this trend was further embraced by French patisseries. Today, matcha enhances countless desserts worldwide.

Matcha chocolate, departing from the classic, rich browns of traditional chocolates, introduces a gentle bitterness that cuts through the sweetness, offering a balanced, refreshing palate. This green twist on chocolate delivers a visually striking and richly flavored experience.

Matcha-infused macarons and cookies, without the overpowering presence of butter, allow the refined flavors of matcha to shine through. These baked delicacies impart a hint of roastiness, subtly mellowing the natural bitterness of matcha and crafting an enchantingly smooth finish.

Matcha Magic in Snackland

Matcha has quietly slipped into the snack aisle, adding a touch of Japanese tradition and seasonal charm to each bite. The vibrant green hues and zest sprinkle these beloved treats with a hint of something special.

Matcha Pocky, for instance. It's the biscuit stick you know and love, but reinvented with a touch of matcha magic—combining the familiar crunch with a coating that's rich, slightly bitter, and aromatic, all thanks to matcha.

Since its debut in 2004, matcha Kit-Kat quickly became a standout within the Kit-Kat lineup. These bars have evolved from their chocolate origins to become creamy, matcha delights, winning over hearts worldwide with their unexpectedly delightful flavor.

Mastering Matcha in Your Kitchen

Inspired by the diverse world of matcha? If you plan to try making some matcha desserts at home, here are some tips to fully unleash its culinary potential.

Keep Matcha Fresh:
Store matcha in a light-blocking container and ensure it's tightly sealed to prevent exposure to air and moisture. Matcha begins to oxidize and lose its appeal once exposed to air, using it promptly ensures you enjoy its rich taste profile to the fullest.

Avoid Lumps:
Much like cocoa powder, matcha is fine and prone to absorbing moisture, which can result in lumps even after sifting. Consider turning the powder into a paste or sifting it with other dry ingredients, such as flour, depending on your recipe.

Reaction to Light:
Matcha's vibrant green color is highly sensitive to light, leading to fading over time. Store and serve your matcha sweets properly to preserve their visual appeal.

Matcha delicacies offer a delectable and accessible route to savor its charm. To double up on the decadency of this precious verdant powder, pair them with a bowl of hot matcha tea and enjoy the goodness of matcha's layers of flavor and aroma.

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