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Why don't you spend your matcha time with your favorite bowl to take a break and relax?
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How to Choose Your First Matcha Bowl

When choosing a matcha bowl for yourself or as a gift, you may be wondering how to choose the right one.
Matcha bowls come in a variety of shapes and types. Depending on the shape and type of matcha bowl, the ease of mixing tea and the taste of the tea will vary. This page will show you how to choose a matcha bowl if you are a beginner in the tea ceremony or if you don't know anything about it.
The common criteria for all the points are " great tasting tea" and "consideration for guests".

1. The inner bottom is wide
2. Moderate roughness on the inner surface
3. Easy to hold with one hand
4.The base is stable
5. Easy to see the front of the bowl

1. The inner bottom is wide

Ideally, the inner bottom of the bowl should be firm and wide.
A cylindrical bowl with a diameter of 10cm(3.9in) or more will have enough room at the bottom.
On the other hand, if the bottom of the bowl has a strong slope, it may not have enough room.

The reason for this is that if there is enough space in this area, it is easy to turn the tea spoon and make a good cup of tea. All of the Matcha bowls that we sell meet this requirement.

Experienced tea drinkers may use cylindrical shape with a smaller diameter in the winter. This has the advantage that the tea does not get cold easily even in the cold winter, but it may be difficult for beginners to handle.

2. Moderate roughness on the inner surface

Ideally, the inner surface of a matcha bowl should have a moderate roughness.
If the surface is too rough, the tip of the tea spoon will get stuck and you will not be able to mix it smoothly. This tendency can be seen when using a teacup made of unglazed material. Glaze is a glassy coating that covers the surface of a vessel.

On the other hand, if the surface is too smooth, as in the case of high-end Western teacups, the tea spoon may slip and the tea may not be mixed properly.

The matcha bowls we sell are coated with a moderately rough glaze, so even beginners can use them without worry.

3. Easy to hold with one hand

If you want to enjoy the traditional tea ceremony style, the matcha bowl should be something you can comfortably hold in one hand.
This is because in the tea ceremony, there is an action that requires you to hold the bowl with one hand. This is when you dump the water that you have washed the Matcha bowl with into the kensui (a container for dumping water). At that time, you have to hold the bowl with one hand.

However, one must be careful not to hold the bowl too lightly. The lighter ones may not be thick enough. Thin matcha bowls can easily transfer the heat of the tea to your hands, making it difficult for your guests to hold the bowl.

 Among the Matcha bowls we carry, this item(Fuji Kutani Matcha Bowl) is a little thinner. This bowl is large and the tea cools down easily, so it is not too much of a problem, but if you are worried, you can choose another one.

4. The base is stable

One-of-a-kind matcha bowls with unique shapes are attractive, but be careful about the stability of the bowl when it is placed.

It is important that the foot attached to the bottom of the bowl is reasonably large and flat. This is important for making a good cup of tea without stress, and also to avoid giving unnecessary attention to your guests. All of the Matcha bowls we handle are fine.

5. Easy to see the front of the bowl

This is an important point only for those who want to enjoy an authentic tea ceremony.
At a tea ceremony, the tea should be served with the front facing the guests. The guests should not drink the tea with their mouths on the front of the bowl. This is because not putting one's mouth to the front of the bowl is a way of being considerate to the person who made the tea.

 For this reason, choose a tea bowl with a clearly visible front. This way, you will know which direction to present the tea bowl to the guest. It also makes it easier for the customer to know where to put his mouth. Matcha bowls with the main design on the front are especially recommended.


All etiquette in a tea ceremony is predicated on the thoughtfulness of the guests. Please try to choose a matcha cup based on the points I have explained here. If you do this, your tea party will be a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. There is a genuine "Omotenashi Spirit," which is not a sham. Your hospitality will surely be conveyed to your guests. And you will be even more popular.


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