Japanese Teacup

We have gathered Japanese teacups from all over Japan to enrich your relaxing tea time.
Not only beautiful to look, but they are also functional for daily use.
Find your favorite one from our collection!

Type of Japanese Teacups

There are 3 main types of Japanese teacups: yunomi, kumi-dashi, and soba-choko. If you are able to use them correctly, your tea time may become more quality and comfortable.


Yunomi is a vertical, cylindrical teacup. Basically, it is used for drinking Japanese tea by yourself.
Because of its large capacity, the area where the tea touches the air is small, and the tea does not get cold easily.
It is also suitable when you want to drink a lot of Bancha or Hojicha. In sushi restaurants, tea is traditionally served in a yunomi.

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Kumi-dashi has a wide frontage and is shallow.
Basically, it is used for serving Japanese tea to guests. It is commonly used to brew Japanese teas such as high-quality sencha and gyokuro, as well as kelp tea, and sakura tea.
The wide frontage also allows you to enjoy the color of the tea.

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Soba-choko is originally used to hold soup when eating soba, but it is also used for drinking tea and sake.
It is about halfway between Yunomi and Kumidashi in size, and is suitable for casual tea drinking with good friends or family.

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