Japanese Rice Bowl

Rice Bowls are indispensable tableware for the Japanese dining table. Since they are used so often for Japanese food, many people are particular about them. Because it is tableware that is used every day, it is important to choose one that is not only beautiful to look at, but is also the right size for your hand and easy to hold.

We recommend that you get a dedicated Rice Bowl for each member of your family. It's also a good idea to have a few available for different occasions, such as colors and patterns that match the season and coordination. 

Which is the best rice bowl for you?

Since Japanese rice bowls are the most used tableware in Japan, each kiln has its own unique design and style, while keeping the standard form that is easy to use. To help you find the perfect rice bowl for you and for your family, we have compiled a list of basic rice bowl shapes and styles.

"Wan" Standard Japanese Rice Bowl

The most comfortable shape for a rice bowl is one that is rounded and slightly deep. It is perfect for eating a soupy side dish and white rice together. It can also be used for serving small Don dishes.

The deep silhouetted shape of the rice bowl is like a colorful painted canvas for those who want to enjoy a variety of patterns.

"Hira" Flat Shape Rice Bowl

The flat rice bowl is the type called "Hirachawan" in Japan, which is open and shallow shaped.

It is recommended for anyone with a small appetite to use the flat rice bowl because it can be served with a small amount of rice and still look gorgeous.

"Meoto" Pair of Rice Bowls

In Japan, married couples are called “Meoto", and there is a custom of having matching rice bowls. The matching rice bowls for married couples are called "Meoto-Chawan", and are icons of marital bliss that sit on the same table every day, and would make a great wedding gift.

Of course, regardless of marriage, it would be nice to have a matching rice bowl with the person you love, so why not?

Wooden Lacquerware Rice Bowl

One of the features of wooden lacquerware is that it has the advantage that the heat of the food served does not transfer easily to your hands. Japanese lacquerware is also wonderful in terms of beauty, and a wooden lacquerware rice bowl is especially recommended for those who want to eat hot rice.

Also, since Japanese lacquerware has antibacterial properties, it is a good choice for people who are concerned about hygiene.

Kawaii, Funny Japanese Rice Bowl

For people who often eat Japanese food, rice bowls are one of the most frequently used tableware. If you are a lover of cute, "Kawaii" things, you will be soothed by the kawaii design of the rice bowl you see every day.

A rice bowl with a kawaii and funny design will also be loved by children.