Spring Collection

Spring, with its budding buds of flowers and grasses and the petals of cherry blossoms dancing in the air, is a season of joy that is beloved by everyone. Let's express the exciting spring by bringing pastel colors like spring flowers and natural hues of the earth and trees to the table! We have collected the best tableware for spring days, when cherry blossoms and fresh greenery are beautiful and naturally bring a smile to you.

Theme Colors

The theme color of spring, which is typical of Japan, is first of all pink, reminiscent of cherry blossoms. Then there are pale blue, which reminds us of the sky, light gray like a haze, and yellow and gold like sunshine in spring. Unify these cheerful colors with bright tones. A combination of soft shades can express the image of spring, a Japanese style. 

Then, adding a few deep colors like dark brown or black like colors of cherry bark, to it can also create a tighter and more sophisticated image of the entire table.

Spring Motif

The most typical Japanese spring motif is “Sakura”, cherry blossoms. You can create a unified impression by adding cherry blossom motifs to two or more items.

Enjoy the combination of spring colors and various textures, such as the beautiful natural wood color of Kabazaiku (Cherry Bark Craft), the smooth texture of Tokoname Ware Teapot, and the translucent Porcelain that seems to contain the soft spring sunlight.

Sakura Motif Collection
Table Setting Ideas

Spring is also the season for "Sencha" green tea. The tea leaves picked in spring have a sweeter taste and have a more relaxing effect on the mind. The tableware recommended for spring is all soft and bright colors that go well with the color of green tea. Enjoy a cheerful spring tea time with your beloved family and friends.

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