Spring Collection

As the cherry blossom trees begin to bloom, we marvel at the splendor of nature's gifts. Spring dinnerware, radiant in joyful colors and light textures, invites the season's enchantment into your home. Dress your table in celadon blue, white porcelain with pink floral designs, and the warmth of natural wood. 

Theme Colors

Many colors remind us of springtime in Japan; shades of pink that evoke cherry blossoms, light blue hues signaling clear skies, and light gray that hints at mist on a spring morning. Yellow is reminiscent of the beams of sunshine.
To enhance these gentle hues, incorporate some deeper tones like dark brown and black - shades reminiscent of tree barks and delicate branches. 

Spring Motif

Cherry blossoms, or sakura, symbolize the essence of spring in Japan. Incorporate items adorned with a sakura motif to create a harmonious aesthetic. Further capture the season's spirit with elements like Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates, notable for their elegant, understated light blue hue. The addition of gold edging on these plates will lend sophistication to your table decor.

Sakura Motif Collection
Table Setting Ideas

Soft and subtle hues of the upcoming season can give your table a breath of fresh air for an enjoyable tea time or a delightful lunch party. Delicate warm shades are ideal to provide an inviting, airy atmosphere that everyone will love. Bring a captivating vibrancy to your table top with tableware from our spring collection and celebrate the warm weather with family and friends.