Sushi Plate
"Authentic and Elegant Sushi Style"

Genuine sushi plate collection for enjoying delicious sushi in an authentic atmosphere at home. In addition to essential items such as serving plates and sauce plates, we will introduce optional items such as trays and miso soup bowls that will enrich your sushi experience.

Authentic Use of Sushi Plates

How would you like to serve sushi beautifully on a sushi plate, just like in a Japanese fine dining restaurant? Let's share how to set a table for authentic Japanese cuisine.

Ideal Table Setting for Sushi

Ideal Table Setting for Sushi

If you are just looking for a quick way to enjoy take away or delivered sushi, sauce plates may be all you need. For a more authentic atmosphere, it is a great idea to place sushi on serving plates.

Also, If you are able to serve your sushi with green tea or miso soup, it may not be different from the sushi experience you get in a restaurant.

Moreover, Trays, chopsticks, and chopstick rests will strongly help you create your ideal table setting.

Needless to say, a beautiful Japanese tea set or a sake set will also enhance the whole dining experience. So we would like to recommend them too! 

Tips for Choosing a Design

The key to creating a sophisticated style is to not have all of your dishes in the same design.

Having all the items in the same design may seem stylish, but it can give off the atmosphere may be interminable and a bit dull. By adding the element of enjoying the harmony of different tableware, which is a unique culture of Japanese tableware, you can create an authentic and fun, wonderful sushi set.

Here are some ideas for combinations made by the table coordinator.

For Authentic Sushi Style

In authentic sushi style, a wooden plate called a "Sushi geta" is commonly used. These are made of white wood, the most popular being Japanese cypress ”Hinoki”.
It is said to have sterilizing properties, and many of the utensils used in high-end sushi restaurants are made of cypress.

Sushi-geta, made by Miyabi Urushi Kogei, famous for its woodworking products for professional chefs, is made of the finest Kiso cypress and is characterized by its beautiful grain and high durability.

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Application to Various Styles

Instead of the classic wooden sushi plate, choose a plate that fits the modern lifestyle and can be used in a variety of styles besides eating sushi, such as an appetizer plate or the main plate in a meal set.

We don't think there are many people who eat sushi every week, so choosing plates that can be used in these various situations is an effective use of the cupboard.

Sakura Kutani Rectangle Plate - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese DinnerwareSakura Kutani Rectangle Plate - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese Dinnerware
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