Musubi Gallery

Bring home a part of Japanese art history.


Since its inception, MUSUBI KILN has strived to introduce the world
to the finest traditional crafts from masters all around Japan.

Here, in the Gallery, we seek to showcase the highest echelon of traditional techniques,passed down through generations. You can discover works from masters
who have not only perfected those methods, but added their imagination to innovate the craft even further.

Some of these masters have even been named Living National Treasures, a title bestowed upon them by the Japanese government to formally recognize their contribution to crafts and culture — thereby cementing their legacy and making them an important part of art history.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted over many months to create a timeless treasure that's unlike any other. And when it's in your home, you, too, will become part of that history.

Welcome to the Gallery. Please, peruse at your leisure.


Yoshita Minori, whose name means "Beauty under Rule" in classical Chinese, is a revered name in the realm of Japanese porcelain art, stands as a living embodiment of centuries-old traditions and artistic excellence. Born and nurtured in the historic and culturally rich region of Kanazawa, once known as the land of Kaga, Yoshita's artistry resonates deeply with the heritage of this region once ruled by the House of Maeda, a prestigious noble family known as the patron of the theater and the fine arts. Yoshita's meticulous craftsmanship, evident in the delicate gold leaf work and the subtle yet profound use of color and texture, pays homage to yugen, the classical elegance of Japanese beauty and the royal robes of Chinese and Japanese aristocracy.

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Nakada Kingyoku

Under the tutelage of his father, Nakada Kingyoku the Second, and decade of rigorous apprenticeship, he has culminated in a profound mastery over the Aochibu "blue dot" and Morikin "raised gold" techniques. Blending traditional elegance with innovative flair through the use of platinum and spatial elements inspired by the Rimpa school. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his meticulous choice of tools and materials including platinum, ensuring each piece he creates embodies the intricate beauty characteristic of Kutani ware.

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Kinzan Kiln

Kinzan Kiln

Kinzan Kiln

Kinzan Kiln