Table Runners

Table runners add charm to a table top and give adornment to a room. They can be used as a wonderful addition to a table setting for special occasions. 

We offer elegant table runners made from authentic Nishijin Ori brocade and Tosa Washi Paper. As our table runners come in various lengths, they can be used on dining tables and side tables of different sizes. Add color and texture to your table or any spot in a room with beautiful table runners from Japan.

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Popular Brands


For over 30 years, Kikyoya has been creating original and uniquely designed products made from authentic Nishijin Ori brocade used for kimonos and obis(sashes for kimonos). Located in Kyoto, the home to many traditional crafts of Japan, Kikyoya has innovatively combined the technique of Yuzen dyeing and sewing skills used for kimono fabric with the intricate weaving skills of obis to create original products such as table runners, coasters and many other beautifully crafted items. 

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Morisa continues to produce Tosa Washi Paper with rich ideas and the fun and beauty of washi, matching washi to the needs of the times while carrying on the tradition. Using the expertise and creativity of its craftsmen as well as its unique processing technology, Morisa has produced many one-of-a-kind Tosa Washi Paper products that could not have been realized by handmade paper making alone.

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