5 Best Donburi Menus  - MUSUBI KILN

5 Best Donburi Menus 

The ultimate one-plate(bowl, actually) meal loved by many people all around the world. A Donburi menu maybe one of the simplest ways to enjoy a Jap...

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Guide for Japanese Pottery - MUSUBI KILN

Guide for Japanese Pottery

Potteries are an essential material for our dining table. Japanese pottery has a very long history dating back to BC and is one of the traditional ...

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Guide for Table Runners - MUSUBI KILN

Guide for Table Runners

A table runner maybe one of the most versatile table linens that can be used to decorate a table. They come in various colors, materials, textures,...

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Our picks for Party Tableware - MUSUBI KILN

Our picks for Party Tableware

You’ve done the wine party, the costume party, the luau party and the 80’s theme party. If you're looking for something fresh and different, how ab...

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